5 Electronic Manufacturers with Fast and Reliable Delivery in Asia

5 Electronic Manufacturers with Fast and Reliable Delivery in Asia

The consumer electronics and electronics industry are rapidly evolving and highly innovative industries. Major electronics manufacturers are regularly creating the next best electronic item, each time making their products more user-friendly, more advanced, and developing ways to help or entertain their customers. Of course, production is only successful if manufacturing companies manage to bring their products to the market and eventually to the hands of their customers. This is where delivery services and companies specializing and delivery come into play.


Here are 5 companies that can help you sort out your delivery service problems.




Toshiba is widely known as a world-class semiconductors and storage product manufacturer. The company’s reputation and incredible quality have made it a “single-source option” for many clients and customers under the group’s care. The company works closely with many OEMs, ODMs, CMs, VARs, and other fabless chip companies and retailers. Toshiba also works closely with its distribution partners to customize products and create new and innovative solutions. This commitment to progress and quality allows Toshiba to have a hand in creating today’s latest gadgets and appliances.


In 2016, Toshiba announced the debut of the company’s very own postal and parcel automation system at the Post Expo 2016 Hong Kong + The Parcel Show. This is yet another milestone that the company has achieved and has only allowed Toshiba to flourish using its unique postal and delivery system.


In truth, Toshiba is not new to the practice of developing and streamlining already existing delivery services and postal solutions. The company was able to produce the world’s very first automated mail processing system in 1967 and has since only expanded upon in knowledge during the advent of the digital and technological age. The company’s latest version of its system can process a staggering 42,000 letters in an hour. This system combines high read accuracy rates with low noise emission and power costs to maximize efficiency and life span.




Yokogawa is a known provider of various innovative and highly advanced industrial automation, test, and measurement products and solutions. The company employs a unique blend of techniques that combine superior technology and electronics with innovative and highly-advanced engineering services, project management, and maintenance. This code allows the Yokogawa Group to edify its reputation as a leading provider of quality service and solutions to the consumer.


OpreX is a new project launched by Yokogawa to advance the company’s reach in the industrial automation and control business. This new project aims to combine various technology, products, and solutions archived from within the company and remake them into more innovative and advanced products with the help of the currently existing technology available today. Under this new brand may be found all the Yokogawa control products, services, and other solutions that customers are using to digitalize and transform their businesses and drive growth in this time of unprecedented change.


Along with launching this new venture, Yokogawa has known that the company shall further advance the current systems with which it delivers its products to the clientele. Along with Yokogawa’s efforts to promote and continue its march for innovation, the company also aims to be able to reach more clients with its upcoming unique system of deliveries and services.




SMTC Corporation was founded in 1985 and is now reputed as a mid-sized yet highly trusted provider of end-to-end electronics manufacturing services (EMS), including PCBA designing and production, systems integration, testing services, enclosure construction, as well as product conceptualization, sustenance engineering, and supply chain management and solutions.


SMTC has an impressive global reach despite being a mid-sized company compared to its competitors and has facilities in the US, Mexico, and Canada, as well as China which comprises most of the company’s Asian client base. The company also caters to clients looking for guidance in every step of the electronic product life cycle, from delivery and shipment to the device’s growth, maturity, and end-of-life phases.


Even before the pandemic, the SMTC has observed a significant shift in the behavior of its clients. Many of the company’s customers are now focusing on pooling resources for natural assets and core competencies. Since this shift, the company has been asked to perform more value-added services so that manufacturers can focus more funds on design, production, marketing, and sales. Once the process is finished, it is up to the company’s delivery services to get the manufactured products into the market and, eventually, consumers.


  • Fulfillment services and outbound logistics
  • Service parts stocking and fulfillment
  • Reverse logistics
  • Repair and refurbishment
  • Reporting / metrics / visibility solutions




AEMS is known for having a worldwide network of partners in the manufacturing and production of electronics. Because of this global reach, AEMS has focused on streamlining and polishing various methods of getting the finished products into the hands of the company’s consumers and partners. Having connections with many other manufacturing companies has also allowed AEMS to garner and hone diverse capabilities encompassing the broad spectrum of manufacturing, logistics, and quality. AEMS also has branches in Australia and China with teams of experts navigating various customs and cultural differences to ensure smooth transactions between the company and the customer.


From Idea to Delivery


AEMS works hand-in-hand with the manufacturer’s design and production teams to ensure budgets are met, and designs are functional. The company can handle various scales of projects, from sourcing components and materials to complete turn-key manufacturing. After production, the company can also help with the multiple stages of logistics processing, including warehousing, freight, and customs clearance.


AEMS manages the packaging and distribution of various products to match the customers’ requirements. From plain cardboard boxes to full-color store-ready custom packaging and the full scope of logistics, warehousing, and distribution.




BEST Inc. is famous for being an integrated intelligent supply chain solutions and services provider in China and Southeast Asia. Through the proprietary technology plat for and extensive networks owned by the group, BEST can offer a comprehensive set of logistics and value-added services, including freight delivery, supply chain management, and global logistics services. BEST’s mission is to empower business and enrich life by leveraging technology and business model innovation to create a more innovative, more efficient supply chain.


In line with the company’s mission statement, BEST employs the use of the company’s very own delivery service known as BEST Freight. BEST Freight can be described as a freight delivery service network responsible for providing less-than-truckload (LTL) and full-truckload (FTL) door-to-door deliveries. BEST Inc. devised this system as a part of the company’s integrated innovative supply chain can logistics solutions platform. The delivery service network can also transport goods generally weighing 15kgs or more through self-operated hubs and sortation centers with a network of partners spanning over 20,000 service stations. In addition, BEST Freight offers industry-leading value-added services, including pre-shipment inspection, cash-on-delivery (COD), proof of delivery (POD), cargo insurance, oversized item, and upstairs delivery services.

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