Frequently Asked Questions About TE Connectivity Products

Frequently Asked Questions About TE Connectivity Products

TE Connectivity has been a manufacturing company for over 75 years for highly engineered connectivity and sensing solutions. It aims to connect the world by creating TE Connectivity products to electric power vehicles, factories, aircraft, digital, and smart homes. 

These results in innovations like the TE Connectivity AMP connectors that are helping support communities, enable life-saving medical care, and create efficient utility networks and global communications infrastructures. 

As you go further through this article, you will discover why TE Connectivity is a good brand and must be a part of your electronic brand choice. As soon as you have a better picture and understanding of the company and its products, you would want to find out their availability and are exclusive to TE Connectivity products distributors. 


5 Things You Should Know About TE Connectivity Products

There are a lot of questions going around concerning TE Connectivity’s whereabouts, and the following are the answers that many of you are looking for. It is understood that not everyone can follow a company’s line history, which is why we highlighted the most common TE Connectivity.


TE Connectivity Is Not a Chinese Company

We cannot deny that China plays a significant role in contributing to the business sector regardless of industry specifications. However, TE Connectivity is not a Chinese company but a fusion of American and Swiss. It was founded in 2007 and at present has two headquarters. One is in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, for its incorporation, and the other is in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, for its executive offices. Terrence Curtin is the present CEO of TE Connectivity and handles over 89,000 employees as of last year. 


TE Connectivity Products | Connectors


From TYCO Electronics to TE Connectivity

Many have wondered what happened with TE Connectivity, but the question creates confusion. The company continues to produce TE connectivity products today. The company name proves its success as the market knows it better than its founding name, “TYCO Electronics.” 

Last March 10, 2011, the company shareholders agreed to change the company name to TE Connectivity Ltd. Despite this, TEL remains to be the company’s NYSE (New York Stock exchange) ticker symbol. 

“Our new name better reflects the products and solutions we bring to our customers”

Tom Lynch, Former TE Connectivity CEO (2006-2017)

“We offer more than 500,000 products that connect and protect the flow of power and data inside millions of products that consumers and industries use daily, all around the globe. We’re in it from smartphones to satellites, automobiles to airplanes, dishwashers to data centers.” Added TE Connectivity’s CEO continues to justify the benefit that change will bring to the company. 


Is TE Connectivity Part of Amphenol?

To immediately answer, TE Connectivity is NOT part of Amphenol. This is another confusion resulting from the acquisition history of the corporation, so we will further explain. It was mentioned earlier that TE Connectivity has been in the industry for over 75 years, yet the first fact said its founding years was only in 2007. You may be skeptical about all this information, but they are interconnected. 

What was not mentioned is the founding name of TYCO Electronics, which was Aircraft and Marine Products or short for AMP. This abbreviation is why TE Connectivity is also confused with one of its competitors, Amphenol. AMP began in 1941 and was acquired by TYCO Electronics in 1999.


What Are The Different TE Connectivity Products?

Now that you understand the background of TE Connectivity, that’s enough for its history. It’s time to know the different products on top of the famous TE Connectivity amp connectors. As TE Connectivity is a global company that designs and manufactures over 500,000 electronic components, various TE connectivity products are created within its 15 categories.

Read more about TE Connectivity’s Products here.

TE Connectivity Product Categories

Application Tooling
Cable Assemblies
EMI Filters
Energy & Power
Fiber Optics
Heat Shrink Tubing
Identification & Labeling
Passive Components
Contactors & Switches
Terminals & Splices
Wire & Cable
Wire Protection & Management

The product categories are not the only basis for the variations that TE Connectivity products distributors can provide. Every electronic component is dedicated to connecting and protecting the flow of power & data for any industry listed below:

TE Connectivity Industries

5G & Wireless Equipment
Aerospace & Space
Automation & Control
Connected Home
Data Centers &
Artificial Intelligence
Defense & Military
Energy Solutions
Hybrid & Electric Mobility
Industrial Machinery
Intelligent Buildings
IoT Connectivity
Medical & Healthcare
Oil & Gas / Marine
Personal Electronics &
Wearable Technology
Sensor Applications
Truck, Bus & Off-Road Vehicles

TE Connectivity is a Good Company for Society’s Future

“TE Connectivity is deeply committed to ensuring our global workforce and the partners with which our work reflects the diverse markets and customers of the world we serve. By creating an environment in which we want our team members to feel welcome, we are building a better company that empowers everyone to contribute to a collaborative culture.”

Terrence Curtin, TE Connectivity CEO

This electronic manufacturing company is committed to the products it offers to society. The company’s key to success is the core of the business, which its employees are a big part of. Every department is not only made of great minds but values that make up those of TE Connectivity.

Inclusivity and diversity are highly encouraged in and out of the company s part of TE’s long-term vision. Having an open & inclusive community where all opinions matter is essential for TE, which is why the following principles are shared across all customers, employees, and shareholders:

  • Global Inclusion Initiatives and Training – A principle that concerns the different leadership activities of the company.
  • Conversations of Understanding – Helps encourage a work environment where everyone enjoys their freedom of speech.
  • Employee Resource Groups – TE inclusivity is an opportunity to promote healthy well-being by enjoying others’ company through a shared common interest. 
  • Leadership Development for Diverse Talent – Growth in both personal and professional aspects is part of this TE Connectivity principle to prepare the next generation for the future.


TE Connectivity Products Distributors

“As a company, we are well-known to the industries and customers we serve, and we want to expand our reach and drive awareness of TE Connectivity beyond our existing customer base to prospective customers, suppliers, investors, recruits, and the communities in which we operate around the world.” 

Tom Lynch, Former TE Connectivity CEO (2006-2017)

TE Connectivity has already established a strong and credible global network considering its years of doing business. As TE Connectivity continues to grow, its distributors increase along with the growth of its market scope. One of the European TE Connectivity products distributors is BD Electronics Ltd. 


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