Top 5 TFT Panel Manufacturers

Top 5 TFT Panel Manufacturers

TFT is an abbreviation for “Thin Film Transistor” and is mostly found in various electronics that have LCDs. The main function of TFTs is to enhance the operation and quality of displays of the LCD screen it is so often paired with. TFTs are found and applied in plenty of electronics nowadays from mobile phones, and medical equipment to aircraft and military defense displays as well as and most commonly, computers, laptops, and television. The creation and implementation of TFTs have transformed and evolved the operation of various LCD-dependent devices in the electronic markets.


With the rapid advancements happening in the display industry, it is no surprise that companies are rushing to develop and implement the latest advancements in the global market. Presently, the TFT and LCD manufacturing industry is mostly concentrated in China and other parts of Asia such as Korea and Japan. With the continuous release of various advancements spearheaded by manufacturers in China, it is not an exaggeration to say that the country will soon have the world’s largest collective when it comes to TFT/LCD production.


With a myriad of companies to choose from in mainland China alone, suppliers are then left with the question of who to trust and collaborate with when it comes to the distribution of high-quality TFT panels. Here are five TFT panel manufacturers that customers, suppliers, and distributors might be interested in.


LG Display


LG Display is renowned as one of the world’s most prolific TFT/LCD manufacturers. The company’s headquarters is based in Korea and is capable of producing plenty of products that enhance TFT/LCD performance such as TFT-LCD panels, various flexible displays as well as OLEDs.


According to the company’s history, LG Display is a joint venture of the world-class manufacturer, LG Electronics, and a Dutch company with the same illustrious credentials, Phillips. The two companies convened and created what would be a company dedicated to creating active-matrix TFT-LCD panels. Along with LG Displays, LG Electronics and Philips would also create one more company that would be in charge of manufacturing deflection yokes and cathode-ray tubes called LG. Phillips Displays.


However, due to the shifting technological landscape, Phillips was unable to continue holding onto its shares, prompting LG to change the jointly owned company’s name to LG Displays. This change was approved by everyone who held shares in the company.


Since LG’s acquisition of Phillips, the company has been able to expand its clientele thanks to its world-class products. To name a few, LG Displays has been manufacturing its displays and various products for Hewlett Packard, Apple, Sony, Dell, Acer, and even Lenovo. The company also produces TFT-LCD modules and other similar display panels for its flagship range of televisions.




SHARP is yet another company that is also hailed as one of the world’s most prolific TFT-LCD panel and module manufacturers.


SHARP was founded in 1912 and now has headquarters in Japan, in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. The company is known for being able to manufacture and produce a wide catalog of electronic products ranging from mobile phones, calculators, PV solar cells as well as, of course, TFT-LCD panels. The company was able to manufacture TFT-LCD panels since the 1980s and has had an illustrious history of achievements in this venture.


The company manufactures plenty of various industrial display products which include the following:


  •  Professional LCD monitors
  •  Video walls
  •  Interactive whiteboards
  •  Windows collaboration display


A large majority of SHARP’s display products are equipped with high brightness technology and are capable of rendering 4K ultra-HD resolution.


Aside from its impressive catalog of electronic products available for distribution, to the regular public consumers, SHARP also offers a variety of smart TVs and LCD displays marketed under the brand Aquos. The company’s television line boasts incredible specs and cutting-edge technology. These televisions are able to render 4k and 8k UHD resolutions, allowing for an incredibly immersive and unparalleled viewing experience.




Another company that has a highly impressive repertoire is Samsung. The company is headquartered in Suwon, South Korea, and functions as the Samsung Group’s largest subsidiary.


Samsung is hailed as the world’s largest semiconductor producer and boasts the largest revenue when it comes to consumer electronics revenue. This electronic juggernaut is renowned for its world-class and cutting-edge smartphone technology and home appliances and also dabbles in other appliances such as TFT-LCD displays and LED and OLED panels.


OLED technology. A vast majority of the smart and mobile phones the company offers also have built-in Super AMOLED displays. This technology allowed Samsung to design and manufacture ultra-thin smartphones all while upgrading its image brightness and energy efficiency.


Meanwhile, other display products that Samsung manufactures include:


  •  LCD television panels
  •  LED television panels
  •  Laptop monitors
  •  OLED TV panels


Samsung also produces the panels for their amazing catalog of smart TVs. With the ever-evolving and non-stop advancements happening from within the company itself, it’s hard to imagine Samsung falling off of its title as a juggernaut among TFT-LCD manufacturers.




The Innolux Corporation is another name in the big leagues in terms of the TFT-LCD manufacturing industry. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Zhunan, Miaoli County, Taiwan.


Innolux is a famous manufacturer of TFT-LCD display panels in the local as well as international markets. The Innolux Corporation supplies TFT-LCD and LED panels, open cells, and touch modules as well as the following products locally and internationally:


  •  LCD TVs
  •  Laptops and notebooks
  •  Automotive and avionics display
  •  Industrial display
  •  Consumer electronics
  •  Medical equipment
  •  Monitors
  •  Smartphones


Innolux clients include the following:


  •  Panasonic
  •  Hewlett-Packard
  •  Lenovo
  •  Bronko
  •  Tesla




Toshiba is another world-class TFT-LCD module manufacturer people are constantly on the lookout for.


Toshiba is yet another juggernaut in the TFT-LCD manufacturing industry that was founded in 1939 and is based in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The company engages in a wide variety of businesses. Toshiba dabbles in electronics that are used in both household and industrial settings.


Display products manufactured by Toshiba include:


  •  Consumer television sets (REGZA)
  •  Computers and notebooks
  •  Industrial signages
  •  Outdoor advertising signages
  •  Self-service kiosks
  •  Augmented reality kiosks


Many of these electronics and devices utilized TFT-LCD panels alongside various electronic components to render ultra-HD images.


Final Thoughts


Each of the companies introduced in this article is highly respected in the TFT-LCD manufacturing industry. The quality of the products from each of the manufacturers in this article is constantly lauded as world-class.

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