Top 6 Best Electronic Parts Distributors in China

Top 6 Best Electronic Parts Distributors in China

Sourcing various electronic parts can become quite a struggle, especially if traders are not familiar with the landscape of various countries. This is especially true it comes to the very convoluted electronic parts marketing landscape of China. It can be quite challenging to discern who, among myriads of groups and companies in such a populated country, is trustworthy and reliable. This list of the six best electronic parts distributors in China might help traders and consumers alike.


Semitronic International Co., Ltd.

Semitronic International is renowned as one of the best electronic parts distributors in China as well as one of its leading electronic component suppliers. A vast percentage of the products from Semitronic is actually exported to other countries in Europe, North America, and Australia. This is all in an effort to become a world-class supplier of electronic products and components. Towards this goal, Semitronic continues to offer its clients, locally and internationally, the highest quality products and services.

Through the efforts of the company, electronic components sources by Semitronic are not made of lead and have various characteristics such as being sulfur and magnet-resistant. Additionally, Semitronic also has patents on many of the parts they offer to the technological and electronic markets. Because of the illustrious history and undeniable experience they have when it comes to dealing with international clients, Semitronic International is hailed as one of the most credible companies that provide high-quality services and products to the international market.


Shih Shin Technology Co. Ltd.

Shih Shin is a TS 16949  or QS9000, ISO14000 manufacturer that specializes in producing AC/DC Solenoid as well as Solenoid Valves in Taiwan. Shih Shin owns state-of-the-art technology that is able to supply and manufacture various types of custom-made solenoids and solenoid valves for OEM and ODM. Furthermore, solenoid production is an environmentally safe process, as stated in the RoHS policy, and is hailed as one of the best electronic parts distributors in China.

Shih Shin Technology exports to various countries in Asia and Southeast Asia as well as America and Europe. The company enlists various talented engineers with reliable technical and electronic backgrounds to ensure the excellent quality of the products. The group also trains these engineers and equips them with the knowledge to be able to manage malfunctions. Lastly, the company strives to offer its products and services to the market at highly competitive price points.


Shenzhen Winsome Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

The company has invested in marketing various electronic components and has expanded its roster of products, and is now also catering to food and beverages, real estate, and biotechnology, among others.

Shenzhen Winsome Electronics is a branch of Winsome Holdings that mainly deals with electronic components and the business it brings to the group. It is hailed as one of the best electronic parts distributors in China and one of its biggest professional distributors of high-quality electronic components in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Winsome specializes in the manufacture and distribution of chips, memory, modules, IGBT, Mosfet, diodes, transistors, capacitors, resistors, crystals, LED, and many other products. The impressive inventory of Shenzhen Winsome allows the company to distribute various high-quality products to local and international customers.


Changzhou Nanyang Wood Co. Ltd.

Hoping to get mutual benefit together with you. Changzhou Nanyang Wood Company was established in 1986 and now specializes in developing and manufacturing electrical apparatus and components mainly used in sounds, communication accessories, computers, and televisions, among other paraphernalia. These products and components are not only sold locally because the company also caters to the international market. Changzhou Nanyang has been confirmed to be exporting its products to Europe, America, as well as some parts of Asia such as Russia and Malaysia.

Changzhou Nanyang prides itself on the reputation and the quality of its products. Because of this, the company, as one of the best electronic parts distributors in China, continues to strive to be able to bring only the best and highest quality components to their consumers with the group operating under the principle of “good promise, high quality.”


Jiu Ruei Co. Ltd.

Jiu Ruei Company was established in 2013. The company is known to be a major asset when it comes to product design and metal manufacturing. The following is the company’s full range of services:

Machining Process

  1. 3 / 4 Axis Milling
  2. Milling & Turning
  3. Deep Hole Drilling
  4. Electric Discharge (EDM)
  5. Machining of Castings
  6. Shaping

Products & Parts

  1. Metal Parts
  2. Mechanical parts
  3. Bicycle parts
  4. Sports Equipment parts
  5. Aerospace Component
  6. Forging, Punching, Plastic Injection, Welding
  7. Electronic Component

Professional Finishing

  1. Anodize
  2. Hard anodize
  3. Chemical film
  4. Electroplate
  5. Bead-blast
  6. Black oxide
  7. Polish
  8. Painting
  9. Passivate

Jiu Ruei prides itself on being able to serve its clients in a manner that prioritizes customer satisfaction while being able to streamline its processes in order to yield more efficient results. The following are services and benefits that Jui Ruei strives to continue to be able to provide their clients in the long run:

  1. Competitive price points through a one-stop solution service
  2. A fast response that offers efficient service
  3. Professional technological support
  4. Reliable and stable quality of products
  5. Excellent delivery performance


Zhejiang Grand Imports & Exports Co. Ltd.

Zhejiang prides itself in the scope of the company’s international trade systems which the company has worked on for years. Zhejiang Grand Imports and Exports is located in Ningbo, a prominent seaport located in Shanghai.

Presently, the Zhejiang group manages and continues to maintain close ties with many factories worldwide. This entourage of affiliates was collated using the company’s impressive line-up of product structures. During this expansion, Zhejiang has also been manufacturing and creating its own products with the goal of being able to utilize its connections to introduce brand-new custom products to the markets.

The Zhejiang group specializes in being able to conduct business overseas and is one of the most reliable companies to serve as the middle-man for numerous groups locally and internationally.

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