Top 6 European Distributors of Electronic Components

Top 6 European Distributors of Electronic Components

Being able to effectively source various electronic components is much for any company or customer looking to dabble in trading within the technological and electronic products sphere. Having the knowledge of where and from whom to get which parts are important not only as a consumer but also as a seller. Here is a list of 6 different European distributors of electronic components that are worth looking into.



Farnell prides itself as one of the broadest line cards capable of high-service distribution as a European distributor of electronic components.

Farnell’s line cards include products, services, and solutions that support the electrical manufacturing journey from designing the component to the production of the prototype to the final stage of production and maintenance. In an effort to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology, talented individuals from Farnell actively identify and source progressive and innovative manufacturers that will help the company thrive in the present digital and technological landscape.

The company’s direct relationships with industry-leading manufacturers mean that consumers and clients will be able to access the latest developments in technology and information gathering as authorized distributors. Farnell only sources and distributes authentic products as well as receives only the highest quality components from credible and legitimate suppliers.

Farnell also prides itself in being able to give customers access to the various engineering expertise that supports the clients’ needs.

Farnell provides people access to thousands of skilled and talented engineers through the company’s very own support services, terminals, and communities to help manufacturers bring their products to the market. Their highly esteemed team of engineers is available 24/7 for advice and consultation about the latest specialties and advancements in technology and electronics.


MEMPHIS Electronic

MEMPHIS Electronics has more than 30 years of specialized experience as a European distributor of electronic components when it comes to the memory market. The company also boasts an impressive entourage of DRAM, SRAM, and Flash products to choose from. This impressive collection makes MEMPHIS the ideal companion to anyone’s tech memory needs.

In keeping the company’s legacy of delivering the latest generation technology to the consumers, MEMPHIS collects a team of experts that will help, select, sample, qualify, and finally, deliver only the highest quality memory products, solutions, and services.

MEMPHIS also serves clients and consumers from any part of the world and is recognized worldwide as one of the most reliable distributors of memory products and services.


Chip 1 Exchange

Chip 1 Exchange has a massive network that spans worldwide. This connection includes relationships with various prominent and highly credible manufacturers, franchises, distributors, and even independent companies. Whether it be a rare, obsolete, or even an end-of-life product, Chip 1 has the means and the contacts to source and deliver the correct parts in a timely and efficient manner all for a highly competitive price point. This successful concept is based on the following terms:

  • Constant and timely tracking of electrical components
  • Only purchase and source from reputable suppliers
  • Delivery overnight or just in time
  • Own stock with a constant market value of millions of Euros
  • We offer competitive terms as well as volume purchase agreements for our customers

Chip 1 Exchange, as a European distributor of electronic components, aims to guide customers through technology’s most complex and complicated issues. The company aims to provide real-world solutions to many of today’s challenging designs and advancements. Additionally, Chip 1 employs talented and experienced individuals who are all thoroughly trained by experts to ensure that they have all the knowledge needed to assist the company’s numerous patrons impeccably.

Services offered:

  • Technical Support
  • Engineering assistance
  • Unbiased design guidance
  • Training
  • In-house technical seminars
  • Local seminars
  • Development tools
  • Samples
  • Thermal evaluation


Rebound Technology Group Holding Ltd.

Rebound Technology has a global team dedicated to offering our clients world-class intelligence and data-driven supply chain solutions.

Rebound offers real-time technological marketing insights and trends. The scale and data-centric platforms the company utilizes allows the group to offer its services and products at the most competitive prices available in the tech markets. Rebound Technologies support clients from various industries and markets including:

  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Audio visual
  • Automotive
  • Cloud
  • Datacentres
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Transportation


GLYN GmbH & Co. KG

GLYN is a group dedicated to streamlining its strategic course of business that hinges on technical expertise, product support, reliable processes and troubleshooting, and sophisticated logistics.

GLYN employs highly experienced individuals, all of which are trained to become technical fields sales staff, product specialists, and application engineers. These people are educated and equipped with the tools and knowledge needed in order to keep the company’s clients and consumers satisfied. GLYN mainly focuses on creating advancements and relationships with leading manufacturers specializing in semiconductors, display/system solutions, wireless IoTs, and lastly, flash memory media.

Experienced and highly motivated sales contacts from GLYN also help clients and gives expert advice during the tedious and delicate processes of deliveries. This service also includes high-quality standards when it comes to acquisition and warehousing. The main focus and specialization of GLYN are to ensure optimum project processing and competitive prices upon delivery services. Having GLYN take care of all of these areas is an asset welcomed by many thousands of customers in Europe.

GLYN, as a European distributor of electronic components, boasts state-of-the-art IT systems and IT specialists to guarantee the realization of various customized and economic logistic solutions. This also provides GLYN and its constituents detailed insights into the demand in the current market as well as the provision of various comprehensive additional services. This allows the company, as well as the clients and consumers therein, to expand exponentially and systematically.


Fusion Worldwide

Fusion Worldwide specializes in partnering with various suppliers to leverage their networks in order to solve and prevent the various problems and accidents that frequently happen in electronic supply chains. This include:

  • Increased lead times
  • Forecasting unpredictability
  • Geopolitical factors
  • Price increases
  • Pace of change
  • Product obsolescence

Fusion Worldwide’s sourcing team constantly monitors both the electronic components and products market in order to make it easier for clients to conduct their businesses with the least amount of friction.

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