7 Best Australian Electronic Contract Manufacturing Companies

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7 Best Australian Electronic Contract Manufacturing Companies 7 Best Australian Electronic Contract Manufacturing Companies

Electronic component contract manufacturers consist of various services, such as engineering design, PCB fabrication, subassembly manufacturing, functional testing, turnkey, distribution, and order fulfillment on behalf of Original Electronic Manufacturers (OEMs). Electronic component contract manufacturers have been known to decrease supply chain costs drastically, either as a supplement or a replacement for company-owned manufacturing operations. In addition, electronic component contract manufacturers have allowed companies to function without internal manufacturing facilities, freeing their valuable resources for other business goals. 

Furthermore, many companies may outsource their well-established longstanding products to electronic component contract manufacturers, thereby allowing for a greater focus on internal operations for newer products of greater complexity which may have higher margins.

For instance, making some of the best Australian electronic brands in the world, electronic component contract manufacturers in Australia perform several specific duties, including product design, prototype builds high-volume manufacturing, global logistics, distribution, electronics supply chain management, and even repair services. 

Suppose you’re one of those who want to find a superior option regarding cost-effectiveness from the top manufacturing companies in Australia. In that case, you can find some of the best Australian electronic component contract manufacturers of instrumentation products, medical devices, LED lighting products, or fiber optic components below.

ARCH Electrical Group

Operating nationally, ARCH Electrical Group serves both cities and towns in suburban and remote regions throughout Australia. 

Mainly based in Melbourne, ARCH offers a total turnkey solution from the design of the electrical project right through to the completion of the project with reliable service and maintenance. With ARCH, you can count on prompt, reliable service from management with its fully qualified staff, providing the utmost service. ARCH Electrical Group’s capable and fully qualified full-time staff can handle any project, from electrical installations to maintenance. In addition, with whole-site safety policies in place, its customers can rest assured their projects are in the hands of one of the top electronic component contract manufacturers in Australia.



Linked Group Services

Established in 2010, Linked Group Services is the leading provider of multiple services to the mining and resources, construction, agricultural, and government sectors. The Linked Group Services team is driven to meet its customer’s needs and consistently demonstrates its capability to produce quality work at reasonable costs.

It began its business by providing electrical contractors to mining companies throughout Australia, quickly becoming one of the largest electronic component contract manufacturers.

Furthermore, by continually monitoring, improving, and implementing better products, systems, and procedures, Linked Group Services offers customized solutions for its clients, putting sustainability and diversification at the forefront. Its complementary and diversified products and services significantly reduce the energy expenses of every business it works with and makes serious efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Moreover, its expansive and entirely off-grid complex, Linked Powerhouse, allows it to complete fabrication works locally and deliver a complete solution from design to construction throughout Australia.



Regal Rexnord Corporation

Based in New South Wales, Australia, Regal Rexnord Corporation is one of the leading electronic component contract manufacturers of electrical motion controls, electric motors, power generation, and mechanical power transmission products serving markets and customers worldwide by offering local expertise, support, and product customization.

Its Auckland workshop is listed on the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certificate as a manufacturing location for hazardous area motors, enabling it to take a standard engine and convert it to a dangerous area to operate in an explosive atmosphere.

Furthermore, its IANZ-accredited service workshops offer rewind, service, and repair of all types and brands of motors and generators, additionally equipped with paint booths for the engines to be finished to customer specifications, outperforming other electronic component contract manufacturers in Australia.



Riverina Industrial Controls (RIC Electrics)

Established in 1979, Riverina Industrial Controls (RIC Electrics) has become one of the best Australian electronic brands among leading regional electrical services companies. It has extensive experience in all facets of the electrical services industry, specializing in “turnkey” projects covering design & engineering to final commissioning. 

The company services a large geographical area and highly emphasizes support, customer satisfaction, and pride in workmanship and quality. With staff numbers varying up to 65, RIC Electrics is one of the largest electronic component contract manufacturers in the world, providing expertise in various fields to both its customers and the top manufacturing companies in Australia.





Established in 2012, ADGEX is one of the modern high-tech electronic component contract manufacturers, developing life-changing technological solutions as a trailblazer for many Australian electronic brands. Standing by its name, “Advanced Green EXpertise,” ADGEX’s progressive projects open the door to a new social ecosystem and a sustainable worldview. 

With its head office in Sydney, Australia, its business portfolio holds more than ten cutting-edge and innovative technologies, providing a comprehensive and exclusive range of turnkey infrastructure solutions, meeting the highest safety and ecological standards. In addition, it tailors its approach to foresee potential risks and provide the best cost-effective solution to satisfy its customers.





Originating in Melbourne, Australia, BMPRO offers over 50 years of experience in power solutions, manufacturing, and design facilities as one of the top manufacturing companies in Australia. In addition, it is one of the leading expert electronic component contract manufacturers in RV power and control management. 

Inspired by the great outdoors, it has created various rugged, innovative, and reliable products, further offering a range of battery, power, and RV management control systems to give its customers great comfort even during the most far‐flung destinations, knowing they have complete control over their vehicle.




Littil LED Lights

Located in Victoria, Australia, Littil Group is a business-focused company exclusively designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling quality LED lights for commercial, industrial, and residential use. Littil focuses on sales and distribution, constantly investing in research and development in order to bring the most advanced LED lighting solutions to its customers. 

One of the most successful electronic component contract manufacturers, Littil LED lights have been installed across leading organizations in Australia, such as Melbourne University, BMW, Audi, Melbourne University, Woolworths, Macquarie Hospital, Ballarat Health, and Specsavers. 

In addition, Littil is the Australian distributor of the world’s largest maker of LED street lighting: 

Unilumin. Most of its lights are VEET and ESC-approved, with more than six stages of quality control for each order, unlike most electronic component contract manufacturers out on the market today.

21 Jun 2023