9 Best American PCB Companies

9 Best American PCB Companies

Are you looking for the USA’s best-printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers? Quality, reliability, and affordability are all factors to consider when choosing a PCB supplier. We have gathered the top 9 best American PCB companies to help you make an informed decision.


Factors To Consider While Selecting the Best PCB Manufacturers in the USA

Some top PCB companies have checkmarks that make them the best of other PCB manufacturers. Therefore, before searching for the best Best American PCB companies, ensure you know the factors you should consider while selecting the top PCB companies.

When selecting the best American PCB manufacturer, it is essential to consider all the factors that come into play, such as location, reviews, and types of components. Then, depending on your project requirements and preferences, each of the below PCB companies can provide you with comprehensive PCB manufacturing and assembly services.

Location – Location can be a key factor – you should prioritize those manufacturers closest to you for the shortest delivery times and the most efficient communication. For example, if you are looking for European PCB manufacturers, you should search for the ones closest to your location. Choosing a PCB manufacturer that provides shipping to your country can be beneficial. But it should only sometimes be the case. The USA has some of the largest PCB manufacturers in the world. And if you want the best quality PCB fabrication or assembly, make sure you work with a PCB manufacturer that has a manufacturing unit set up in one of the developed countries, including the US.

Reviews – Reviews of the largest PCB manufacturers and their products should be considered to ensure you are getting high-quality products. 

Types of components – The last factor to consider is the types of components available, which will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Again, researching the components they offer and reading reviews on their products and customer service can help narrow down your choice. Considering all these factors while selecting the best PCB manufacturers in the USA is critical if you want to get the best PCBs for your professional or hobbyist requirements.



Aspects of top PCB companies

Quality of PCB

When looking for the best American PCB companies, evaluating the quality of their products is essential. Manufacturers should be able to provide reliable and durable PCBs that meet their customer’s requirements. The nine best American PCB companies listed here have products that meet the highest quality standards. These companies understand that failure of any of their products could cause unnecessary costs and delays, so they use the most advanced technology and materials to ensure that their products are reliable and long-lasting.


Meets Requirements

The best American PCB companies must meet customer requirements and provide competitively priced solutions. Many American manufacturers have invested heavily in advanced systems that allow them to process orders quickly and provide the best solutions. They use their advanced technology to quickly produce reliable PCBs that meet customer requirements and come at a reasonable price. Additionally, many American PCB manufacturers offer comprehensive technical support to ensure their customers get the correct solution.


Processing time for the order

When it comes to processing orders, many PCB manufacturers offer quick turnaround times. The best American PCB companies use advanced machines and software to process orders, allowing them to finish their customers’ projects quickly. Additionally, most manufacturers are willing to work with distributors to provide solutions to customers worldwide. This will enable customers to buy from their local suppliers, saving them time and money.


Adheres to RoHS Regulations

The best American PCB companies must adhere to strict RoHS regulations. RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances, an international directive limiting specific hazardous materials in electronic and electrical equipment. The nine best American PCB companies listed in this guide all comply with RoHS regulations and have established quality control processes to ensure that their products pass all tests.


Undergoes Rigorous QC

The best American PCB companies ensure the quality of the PCBs. The largest PCB manufacturer in the USA takes care of the quality checks at several production levels through its expert team.


List of Best PCB Manufacturers In the USA

When it comes to selecting the best PCB manufacturer, America has a wide variety of companies to choose from. Finding the right company for your needs can be challenging as there are various factors to choose from.

The following are the nine best American PCB manufacturers that may meet your needs.


Sunstone Circuits

Sunstone Circuits is an Oregon-based PCB manufacturing and assembly services provider. They offer a wide range of services, such as design, fabrication, assembly, and testing. They are known for their high-quality services and excellent customer service.


Sierra Circuits

Sierra Circuits is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in the US. They provide best-in-class PCB production, fabrication, assembly, and more.


Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits is headquartered in Colorado and is one of the leading US PCBs manufacturers. They specialize in rapid prototyping and production of printed circuit boards.


OSH Park

 OSH Park is an Oregon-based PCB manufacturing and assembly services provider. They specialize in manufacturing professional-grade fabrication.


Thomas Instrumentation, Inc.

 Thomas Instrumentation, Inc. manufactures single and double-sided PCBs. Apart from PCBs, Thomas Instrumentation, Inc. has numerous other electronic parts and components under its ally.



APCT is a California-based PCB fabrication provider. APCT manufactures some of the most reliable PCBs in the world. 


Howman Engineering

Howman Engineering is a US-based PCB manufacturing and assembly services provider. They specialize in high-volume production with short lead times and offer engineering, design, fabrication, and assembly services.



 STUFF USA Inc. is headquartered in Laguna Hills, CA. STUFF USA Inc. manufactures various PCBs, including single-sided, double-sided, flexible, and high-density boards.


Custom Design Service Corp.

Custom Design Service Corp. manufactures PCBs for various industries, including marine, aerospace, and more.



In conclusion, many options exist for finding the best PCB manufacturers in the USA. Each company offers different services and locations, so it is important to consider all those factors before deciding. With the proper research, time, and effort, you can find the perfect PCB manufacturer for your PCB needs.

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