9 Best Search Engines for Electronic Components Sourcing

9 Best Search Engines for Electronic Components Sourcing

A good electronic component search engine will help to save a significant amount of time for the purchasers when they are looking for certain parts. Those best component search engines will provide you with the datasheet of the products you need, component symbols, and even suggest alternative parts if you do not find the ones required.

In this review, we will look at the pros and cons of the 9 most popular search engines to see if they are truly amazing as rumored and some exciting features that we know you will come to love. 



Findchips is one of the top electronic components of search engine websites. The search engine has many sources in the electronic component market. Upon inputting a part number or manufacturer name, findchips processes and translates this data, then gathers information from all of its existing sources to give the needed component.

If you are looking for a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface to find obsolete electronics components, findchip may just cut it. The search engine also offers up-to-date pricing and inventory from various distributors worldwide.

Findchips Review

  • Advanced component search – includes part number search, parametric search, and part intelligence number.

  • Currency estimator
  • Easy registration and user-friendly interface
  • Price and inventory search
  • Great for finding alternate parts
  • Has a large inventory of electronic parts, manufacturers, and distributors
  • No system to check genuine distributors or prevent fraud


If you are looking for a findchips alternative, netCOMPONENTS may do the trick. netCOMPONENTS is a search engine for sourcing and procuring electronic components. With over 900 billion electronic components and more than 3000 supplier sources, netCOMPONENTS is the ultimate marketplace for electronic parts.

In addition to the advanced part search feature, netcomponents offers a datasheet search for all electronics components listed on the engine. Although the search engine is not as intuitive as findchips, it still delivers on electronic component sourcing.


  • Sponsored live part search
  • Membership options for sellers and buyers
  • Datasheet locator
  • Currency converter
  • Anti-counterfeit measures in place
  • Customized solution for component manufacturers 
  • Not as intuitive as other search engines
  • Paid registration to become a member

Trusted Parts

The unique thing about TrustedParts.com is that it only includes data for products from authorized distributors. Other search engines reviewed thus far allow suppliers from all over to register and sell their products on their directory with minimal vetting.

However, TrustedParts works extensively to verify that product data, price, and stock, displayed on the search engine are only for manufacturer authorized distributors. In this way, the search engine prevents fraud and scams.

TrustedParts Review

  • Buy direct from 100% authorized sources
  • Always real-time pricing and availability information
  • 24+ million unique part numbers
  • BOM management tools
  • Manufacturer portal to monitor distributors and sales analytics
  • Channel inventory profile tool
  • Advanced features require ECIA membership registration.

Ultra Librarian

Ultra Librarian is another free electronic components sourcing tool. However, unlike the other electronic search engines discussed earlier, Ultra Librarian serves as an online PCB CAD library for engineers and designers.

You can browse the over 16 million component symbols, 3D models, and electronic footprints available on the search engine. Ultra Librarian also gives access to download over 30 CAD formats for free.

Ultra Librarian Review

  • Built to globally recognized industry standards from IPC – 7351B
  • Works directly with your preferred CAD Tool
  • The same designer creates symbols, Footprints, and 3D Models to avoid inconsistencies in every step of the design process.
  • Datasheets, pricing options, and specs available in one convenient place
  • Free to use
  • Perfect for electronic sourcing components
  • More than 30 PCB CAD available for download
  • Not so good for ICs
  • Schematic symbols may need to be changed during the design


NetParts is another electronic component search engine. The online electronic components store features top manufacturers. Although the platform lacks some functionalities like other search engines, it still gets the work done.

NetParts Review

  • Part number search
  • Manufacturer filter
  • Easy to use interface
  • Membership registration required
  • Not a large stock to choose from


Digipart is another findchips alternative. The component search engine connects electronic components distributors to customers. With over 10 million unique part numbers and an inventory from over 200 distributors, Digipart is making it possible to compare prices and get the best deals.

Users can simply search for specific electronic components by part number. Digipart search engine will then show different suppliers with the components, stock quantity available, and price lists.

Digipart Review

  • Over 10 million components available for search
  • Marketplace for distributors and electronic components buyers
  • Price comparison
  • The platform is easy to use
  • Free search engine
  • Distributors not verifiable
  • New platform users must pay in full for components


Another findchips alternative, electronics purchasing managers, have often searched for octopart vs. findchips. Octopart is a search engine for electronic components for people who want to find and compare parts quickly.

Octopart makes it fast and easy to compare millions of components. You can also find important technical information, make component selection decisions quickly, and purchase parts from distributors.

Octopart Review

  • BOM tools available
  • Octopart business tools
  • Nexar legacy API
  • Free electronic components search engine
  • Millions of electronics parts available for search
  • Design and manufacturing integrations
  • BOM quoting and automation integrations
  • PLM and supply chain integrations

Distributor Websites

One disadvantage of utilizing a search engine for electronic parts procurement is that getting a comprehensive picture that compares stocks and prices for numerous components in one window can be challenging. 

Meanwhile, a distributor’s website will show you stock and prices for different components, but you won’t be able to compare them directly across distributors. Instead, to reach the information in both circumstances, you’ll have to switch back and forth between browser windows.

The gatekeepers for new parts are distributors. Manufacturers will send you to parts distributors to purchase components unless your order quantity approaches millions of parts. 

Powerful search engines are available from the leading electronic components distributors, allowing you to drill down to specific specs and manufacturers. This is an excellent approach to seeing a variety of components that meet the design’s minimum requirements.


BD Electronics Website 

BD Electronics Ltd, an independent obsolete electronic component distributor, can help with your component search. With over 1 million unique part numbers and partnerships with top manufacturers worldwide, BD Electronics is committed to assisting customers in finding the parts they need.

The BD Electronics website offers simplicity and ease of use for users looking for a part number. In addition, the website allows you to set your target price for selected components. You can also request for datasheet and price comparison of components.

No matter the part number or quantity you are looking for, BD Electronics can help you source for it. So send us your part requirements, and we’ll help you get started.

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