About BD Electronics

BD Electronics is a European-based B2B electronic goods distributor, delivering its services worldwide. It is renowned for its world-class efficiency, quality services, and unique ability to procure obsolete electronic components that are almost impossible to find in the electronics market.

We have been delivering our services to electronic goods manufacturers since 2015. During that time, we have developed an immensely responsive supply chain network that enables us to deliver electronic components to our customers in the least possible time. This has enabled us to dominate the electronic component distribution market in the US and Europe, with our supply chain quickly spreading its wings over the Indian and Asian markets.

About BD Electronics
Customer-focused distribution company

Customer-focused distribution company

We are a customer-focused distribution company that focuses keenly on response time. It is one of the key requirements of electronic goods manufacturers. Any delay in the procurement of the components means a delay in manufacturing products, which ultimately results in unhappy customers and loss of revenue. Since we are well-aware of the consequences of delayed delivery times for our valuable customers, we always make sure to keep our inventories filled with electronic components so that we can fulfill any incoming order at its earliest.

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Exclusive relationships

Exclusive relationships

Our strong and exclusive partnerships are forged with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) within the dynamic electronic goods industry. These deep-rooted connections not only exemplify our commitment but also position us as the premier providers of electronic components for manufacturers dedicated to producing cutting-edge and high-quality electronic products. Through these exclusive relationships, we not only ensure a seamless supply chain but also actively contribute to the innovation and success of our partners in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic manufacturing.

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What makes us the best

What makes us the best

With the world reliant on electronics-based technology for its day-to-day activities, the demand for electronic products increases with every passing day. Electronic product manufacturers who aspire to be the best require a supplier filling their production lines with electronic components. This is where we come in; we always have our stocks ready for delivery for any incoming order. We can initiate a delivery as soon as an order is placed through a distribution center nearest the order location to provide the quickest delivery with downright reliable logistics support. Following are some of the prominent features that make us stand out as an ideal supplier of electronic components to manufacturers.

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Our Vision

To advance the drive for innovation in the electronic goods industry and empower electronic manufacturers to diversify their operation through consistent fulfillment of their electronic component inventories. To promote the technological evolution in the automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer goods sectors and play our role in enhancing technological progression globally.

Our Mission

To consistently supply our customers with all their electronic components requirements and keep their stocks filled without delays. To deliver the best service in terms of quality, response time, and reliability with a key focus on customer service.

We are proud to be the distributor that is able to supply the components that are otherwise obsolete in the electronic market. We have links with component providers all over the globe and can find these rare components with relative ease. Our customers whose products require certain scarce components love us for coming through for them whenever they need us the most.

Welcome to BD Electronics, where speed is our priority. Our lightning-fast response time ensures that your inquiries are addressed promptly and efficiently. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, providing the quickest solutions to your needs. Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency with BD Electronics.

BD Electronics Ltd. prides itself on having the best supplier network in the industry. With exclusive relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), they ensure a wide range of high-quality electronic components. This extensive network allows them to source components efficiently and promptly, ensuring customers can access the best products available.

BD Electronics is committed to providing the finest customer service in the industry. With a dedicated support team available through email, phone, and live chat, we ensure prompt and reliable assistance for all your inquiries and concerns. Our customer support specialists are trained to provide personalized solutions and ensure your satisfaction throughout the customer journey.

Why You Buy From Us?

100% New & Original Guaranteed

Original, High-Quality Parts with Competitive Price.

Low Price Guarantee

BD Electronics beats any reasonable quote! Contact us with a better quote and we'll match or beat it.

Best Work Efficiency

Quick Respond, Fast Shipping & Delivery

One-Stop Shopping for Electronic Components

7 Million Electronic Components Available in Stock, One-Stop Supply Chain.

Worldwide Network

BD Electronics is proud to be in contact with hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers across the global. Rest assured we will always meet your demand.