All About PCB Applications and Advantages

PCB or Printed Circuit Board is a highly recognized item in technology. It is a universal board that comes bare and acts as an electronic components storage. This is a simple electronic piece with a vital role that can significantly affect how other components operate in the long run. 


There are two main functions of a PCB. First is mechanical support, in which electronic components such as resistors and relays are being protected from external conditions. It becomes a haven by keeping them intact in an enclosed environment. Secondly, it serves as an enabler: each component can function adequately thanks to PCB giving a surface to quickly and smoothly connect them using conductive pathways, signal traces, or tracks. In addition, it is essential to consider the quality of the board as it needs to keep the position of the components fixed from the time it is closed.  


Several term confusion arises whenever PCB is mentioned because of its variety. It is technically also called Printed Wiring Boards (PWB) and Printed Wiring Assembly (PWA); however, these terms are used in different contexts. A PWB is a bare PCB, while PWA is when a PCB already becomes an electronic components storage. 


Now that we have clarified these confusing terms, let us focus on the three common types of a Printed Circuit Board that differentiates and creates their various applications: 


 1. Single Layer PCB or Single-Sided PCB is the origin or the very first among all PCB types. It comes with a conducting material like copper that goes on only one side of the board while other components go opposite. It usually is the cheapest to manufacture as it only provides essential support. Handling it is also very easy as inserting the component, drilling, and soldering do not require much effort. Calculators, mobile phones, printers, and radio are just some applications


2. Double Layer PCB or Double-Sided PCB has an additional layer from the Single-Sided PCB; it comprises a non-conductive substrate and a conductive layer (top and bottom). Since it has two sides, “bridges” or the “vias” are needed to combine, typically small coated or filled holes with metal. This type is intentionally designed for more complex circuit applications than the essential functions of a Single-Layer PCB. Lighting systems, vending machines and, car dashboards can use a Double Layer PCB.


3. Last but not the least, is the Multi-Layer PCB which has at least three conductive layers placed at the center of the board. Its manufacturing process is quite delicate as no air must be trapped between layers when combined. Components are set with resin and a properly melted and cured adhesive that can vary from exotic ceramic or Teflon materials to epoxy glass. This type of PCB is heavy-duty because it can reach up to 40 layers, but usually, it only ranges from 4, 6, or 8. A Multi-layer PCB is commonly used for data storage, heart monitors, GPS technology, signal transmission, weather analysis, and alike


Different manufacturers offer high quality and best performing Printed Circuit Boards like ECO-GO PCB Co., Limited. It produces quick turn, medium, & even large volume PCBs and conducts PCB assembly services. It was founded in 2009 in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, explicitly located in the South of China. ECO-GO guarantees quality electronic components storage PCBs as it strictly follows TS16949 and ISO14001 requirements. 


PCB Evolution from Real Life to Digital 

Earlier, we mentioned that a PCB is a simple yet powerful electronic piece and it is evolving as years go by. The digital world has been taking over almost every industry lately, and PCB is one from the world of technology, specifically in online games. 


“Escape from Tarkov” is a popular multiplayer shooter video game of Windows developed by Battlestate Games. This was exclusively available on 4 August 2016 to select users before being released in July 2017 as a closed beta.


There are two types of ‘digital’ PCBs. The first is the Printed Tarkov Circuit Board used for maintaining and repairing all electronics systems, and the second is the Military Tarkov Circuit Board for military systems and vehicles. 


Here, we can see how powerful and essential PCBs are that even online game players are eager to have. Despite it being used as a fancy piece, the value it holds in the game and its players are similar to how PCB is used in real life. There is still more to discover beyond the different advantages and applications of Printed Circuit Boards. However, it is great to know the fundamentals first before we dig deeper into more extensive concepts. For now, if you feel like knowing more, you may want to check the pad design standard of a PCB to expound on the basics. 


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