BD Electronics | A Partnership With Amtek Technology


BD Electronics | A Partnership With Amtek Technology BD Electronics | A Partnership With Amtek Technology

In a concerted effort to grow each other’s influence, Amtek Technology and BD Electronics Ltd have teamed up to bring quality electronic components to more people across the globe. This fortuitous partnership is highly beneficial for both parties involved since it also means merging the respective markets the two companies command. Furthermore, through this partnership, Amtek and BD Electronics hope to become more competitive against the changing trends in the electronics industry.

A Brief Overview of Amtek Technology

Amtek Technology is a spearhead and innovator in designing and manufacturing connectors. In the past 25 years since its establishment, the company has become a pivotal component of various products and electronics. Since its rapid developments, Amtek could also design and produce various styles and designations tailored to specific requirements. In addition to the company’s standard ranges, clients also have the option to customise their own connectors to suit specific parameters.

Vision and Goals

The Spirit of Amtek

Amtek Technology builds faith in the company’s aspirations, beliefs, and values. At the core are our people who demonstrate the group’s commitment to customers and the Amtek team with innovation and a win-win partnership.

Experience a Culture of Teamwork & Innovation

Working at Amtek Technology allows one to experience the principles of cooperation and ambition. People here are the pillars of our culture of innovation and the symbols of a successful career in Amtek. The company is dedicated to teamwork and encourages diligent people to be proud of the company’s actions and culture to reach higher and better every day.

Working Environment

Amtek Technology believes the happiest and most productive people can achieve a balance between work and life, from daily life spiritual level to physical needs, the company also provides various options for relaxation.

Decades of Quality Products

Amtek Technology is globally known as a leading manufacturer of high-quality connectors. In business for over 25 years, Amtek connectors have been highly sought after due to their wide configurations and flexible customisations. This makes the company versatile and compatible with most design specifications.

Amtek Technology connectors are also known for their high quality, making them an excellent long-term investment. With keen attention to engineering details, Amtek connectors not only work in harsh conditions but adapt to them as well. In addition, BD Electronics Ltd provides competitive pricing with their overseas factories and ensures authentic connectors through extensive quality control.

BD Electronics offers multiple Amtek Technology connector types, including:

Amtek Technology & BD Electronics Partnership

Amtek Technology connectors may be purchased through BD Electronics and shipped to any part of the world. Do you have a design with special requirements? BD Electronics can also work with Amtek’s in-house research and development team on your behalf. Together, we can develop a custom-built connector solution for your project.

Amtek has achieved certification of ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and IATF-16949, qualified for the high level of commitment to various products, customer service, and being environmentally friendly.

21 Jun 2023