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Covid-19 has transformed our lives in different aspects, especially those we least expected. At present, each of us has or maybe is just starting to learn more about ourselves, whether our weaknesses, capabilities, talents or much more. Moreover, this pandemic is a worldwide phenomenon imposing varying experiences on society. BD Electronics is one such company that aims to provide for the people affected by the pandemic worldwide.


As the world slowly recovers, all industries unleash different coping mechanisms to survive the out-turns of the pandemic. The creation of vaccines, the invention of more healthcare & hygiene products, the implementation of digitalization, the increasing remote job opportunities, and a never-ending list of creativity! 


We can all agree that the technology industry is taking over as it promotes contactless experience regardless of the purpose. As part of this sector, BD Electronics opened remote job opportunities at the beginning of 2021 for different departments namely: Purchasing, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, and HR. These are dedicated to individuals of different origins who are seeking to work for a European company that wanted to establish their careers in the comfort of their homes. BD Electronics is a European-based company founded in 2015 in Birkirkara, Malta. It is a known distributor of obsolete electronic components such as semiconductors, resistors, relays, ICs, capacitors, microcontrollers, diodes, and SMDs to multiple clients and manufacturers worldwide.


BDE has always been considerate to its employees, especially in maintaining their well-being and health conditions regardless of where they live. The company introduced a new virtual work environment but the values of BD Electronics are still incorporated, which are believed to be its stepping stone to success. 


What are the benefits of working remotely with BD Electronics?

Here you will have an overview of what you can enjoy when you virtually work for this European company:


1.Office-Home Hours

The usual hours to work for a European company are still expected but with considerations of your timezone may you be in Asia, North America, South America, and the other continents.

2.No More Rushing!

From waking up early for work to beating the rush hours to and from the office will no more be a problem. Integrity is vital, you have to be on time on your computer, and you’re good to go!

3.Work & Pause

There are work goals, but we don’t want you to forget about yourself. In BD Electronics, we are all treated for break 3x a day. Productivity is encouraged, but effectiveness is essential, so taking moderate pauses would not hurt!

4. Endless Experiences and Opportunities

The company is very dynamic, and it is open to suggestions and ideas that an employee may have. Aside from the “work, life, balance” concept, BDE provides different career and personal growth opportunities may you be in Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, or HR.

5. Friday Halfdays

Wouldn’t you want to call it an early weekend? All BDE employees only work until 3 pm on Fridays because they deserve it, and you may enjoy it as well!

Listed below are the different remote job vacancies that BD Electronics has:

HR Virtual Administrative Manager
Administrative Online Assistant
PURCHASING Virtual Purchasing Supervisor

Electronic Procurement Manager

Electronic Procurement Assistant

ACCOUNTING Electronic Accounting Manager
Online Business Analyst
SALES Virtual International Sales Manager

Virtual Sales Representative

Sales Coordinator Online Assistant

MARKETING Online Digital Marketing Assistant

Junior SEO Analyst

Virtual Content Writer or Copywriter


Who says you cannot work for a European company comfortably at home? BD Electronics is open to applicants from all over the world; whether you are in the Bulkan region of Europe (Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, etc.) or Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, Armenia, etc.), the home of major religions, you may still be considered for BD Electronics’ remote job opportunities.

If you are interested in these virtual job opportunities, just send us your CV/Resume or if you do not find the position for your desired department, you may contact us on these channels to further discuss:

Tel: +356 7711 5063

Email: [email protected]
Contact Form:

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