BD Electronics | A Partnership with Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology

BD Electronics | A Partnership with Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology

BD Electronics and Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology have agreed to work together as partners to bring high-quality electronic products to many consumers across the globe. This partnership becomes a backbone of the significant dealings for both groups moving forward to share clientele and techniques to grow each other’s market in the long run. As more and more advancements come later down the lifetime of the companies, the markets they share will also grow and, in turn, solidify the bond between BD Electronics and Shenzhen Robotlinking Technologies.

Who is Shenzhen Robolinking Technology?

Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology is a significant branch of Shenzhen Electronics in charge of producing, designing, and distributing products about automation and robotics. The company specializes in the manufacture of products under (1) intelligent robotics, (2) intelligent modules, (3) electronic components, (4) RC drone quadcopters, and (5) 3D printers. The company prides itself on being able to supply a wide range of intelligent electronic products as well as electronic components all across the globe. The company also boasts a clientele ranging from sizeable multinational groups and corporations to other smaller and independent companies.

Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology is widely known as a prominent manufacturer of consumer electronics. Some of the company’s most notable products are Bluetooth headsets, wireless chargers, and other various intelligent appliances and peripherals.

Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology proudly operates under the following values:

  • Trust in beginnings
  • Competitive prices for high-quality products
  • Faster delivery times
  • Patient and highly flexible services
  • Competent, competitive, and innovative Research and Development Department

Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology Product Catalogue

Leading the way and innovating in the design and production of intelligent devices and appliances is Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology. Since its founding, the business has grown to play a crucial role in many goods and electronics. Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology was able to create various styles and designations suited to particular needs thanks to its rapid development. Clients can design their own connectors in addition to the company’s standard ranges to meet specific requirements. The following are some of the company’s treasured exports and goods:

3.0 USB Flashdrive

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0 standard was introduced to the markets in November 2008. This specification, frequently referred to as SuperSpeed USB, is supported by most modern computers and gadgets.

Relay Modules

An electrical switch controlled by an electromagnet is a power relay module. A separate low-power signal from a microcontroller activates the electromagnet. The electromagnet pulls to open or close an electrical circuit when turned on.

Nextion Screens

A Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution called Nextion combines an integrated processor, a memory touch display, and Nextion Editor software for creating HMI GUI projects. People can rapidly create the HMI GUI using the Nextion Editor software by dragging and dropping components (graphics, text, buttons, sliders, etc.)

Raspberry Pi

A conventional keyboard and mouse are used with the Raspberry Pi, a low-cost, credit-card-sized computer connected to a computer monitor or TV. It is a competent tiny gadget that enables users of all ages to learn programming in languages like Scratch and Python and to explore computing.

BBC Micro: bit

A micro: bit board is an Open Source embedded system having a display consisting of 25 LEDs. BBC launched it in 2015 for use in computer education in the UK. It is also referred to as BBC micro: bit.

18650 Batteries

A 3.7-volt lithium rechargeable battery model is the 18650 battery. The size of these rechargeable batteries is smaller than that of AA batteries. Li-ion batteries are another name for these 18650 batteries. These rechargeable batteries have the benefit of being extremely lightweight.

Digital Oscilloscopes

A digital oscilloscope is a piece of electronic gear and software that collects, analyses, displays, and stores data corresponding to an operator’s pertinent signals.

Integrated Circuits

A compact semiconductor-based electronic device called an integrated circuit (IC) comprises manufactured transistors, resistors, and capacitors. Integrated circuits are the fundamental components of most electronic apparatus and machinery. A chip or microchip is another name for an integrated circuit.

A world-renowned producer of top-notch intelligent electronics and appliances is Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology. Products from Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology have long been highly sought after in commerce because of their cutting-edge designs and superb functioning. Because of this, the business is exceptionally advanced and competitive with most design manufacturing.

Products and gadgets from Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology are also renowned for their superior quality, making them a significant long-term investment. Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology appliances are assembled with careful attention to engineering details so they operate in harsh conditions and adjust to them. Additionally, BD Electronics offers affordable prices through their overseas manufacturers and guarantees genuine connectors through rigorous quality control.

BD Electronics & Shenzhen Robolinking Technology: A Partnership

Electronics and appliances from Shenzhen Robotlinking Technology can be ordered from BD Electronics and delivered anywhere in the world. Do you have a design that has unique specifications? On your behalf, BD Electronics can cooperate with the internal research and development team of Shenzhen Robotlinking.

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