A Beginner’s Guide to Broway USB Products

A Beginner's Guide to Broway USB Products and Peripherals

Since the advent of the digital age, USBs and flash drives have become commonplace with various tech and electronics such as smartphones, PDAs, and many video game consoles. Because of the technology’s quickly rising application and usage, USBs have effectively replaced a variety of earlier interfaces, such as parallel ports and separate power chargers for portable devices. The same goes for a renowned company known as Broway.


Data manipulation, storage, and transfer have never been easier with the various USB products plaguing the market. Thanks to the innovation of this particular technology, storage spaces were created that can handle data ranging from a few gigabytes to terabytes of memory. Getting acquainted with various types of products in this category is not easy. As such, here is what clients need to know about Broway and what type of products the company has in store for the customers.


Introducing Broway


Shenzhen Broway Electronics Company, or Broway for short, is an independent Research and Development manufacturer founded by its parent company, Shenzhen Electronics. The company specialises in designing, manufacturing, and producing computer peripheral products.


Broway is a reliable manufacturer and distributor of banking and financial tech products, academic and scholastic tech, industrial and enterprise, and of course, exclusive computer peripheral products. Broway can now provide OEM and ODM solutions and services as the company grows and shifts.


Broway’s Product Catalogue


Broway specialises in manufacturing products related to data transfer and data collection. The company’s catalogue features premium quality hubs, adapters, and other paraphernalia to facilitate data manipulation.


We know that options are not always good, especially for the indecisive ones. For some, choices are a sign of abundance in terms of having lesser limitations, but others instead feel overwhelmed.


Regardless of your recognition, we will guide you to understand the Broway products better. It is better that you are not just aware of what you need but also has adequate knowledge of your products.


Consider that Broway is just one of the many exceptional brands in the market. Yet, despite its specialities in USB paraphernalia production, the company never remains complacent and continues to innovate.


In this article, the product variations of this remarkable electronic brand will all be covered. All of which are easily made available internationally by Broway Electronics distributors.


Here is a brief summary of Broway’s product catalogue.


USB C Products


USB C Hubs


As technology innovation continues, sleeker and more portable laptops carry fewer and fewer USB ports. USB-C hubs use increases the number of ports available to connect more than one device or peripheral to a given laptop. There are various types of USB hubs available in the market, including USB-A cables and multiport USB-C hubs with ethernet connection, HDMI, and even SD slots.


USB-C hubs are typically more intuitive than a fully-sized docking station. Of course, just because USB-Cs are smaller doesn’t mean its less capable. USB-C hubs are a cost-effective space-saving solution that allows users to connect numerous devices and monitors to the central processor.


Type C Docks


A computer docking station is typical in the office for remote workers, freelancers, or anyone who might need a powerful yet stationary workstation. Docking stations allow any given laptop or processor to connect with other ports and facilitate connections with hard drives, microphones, keyboards, SD cards, and other monitors, as well as many other computer devices, accessories, and peripherals.


Docking hubs typically come with a power passthrough feature that includes a power supply unit (PSU). The PSU is in charge of supplying power to your laptop or device while staying connected. There are also docks available in the market that also functions as a mount which is great for conserving space and improving security.


USB C Adapter


Laptops are continuously losing USB ports as a way to make any given laptop sleeker in design. This shift limits the device’s ability to connect simultaneously to various devices such as projectors, monitors, or other flash drives. A portable USB-C adapter allows a device to have additional ports which have the potential to bridge gaps between older and newer technology.


Many USB-C adapters come with a secure, wired internet connection with their own adapters with powered USB-C ports. This setup allows the user to not worry about securing a separate power source to keep various devices charged and connected.




USB 3.0 Charging Hubs


A USB charging hub lets you plug in several devices to power up at once. Some plug directly into a wall outlet, while others connect to a laptop or processor.


USB 3.0 Hubs


USB hubs have become commonplace, being used in many areas to expand the connectivity for a single USB port. USB hubs are used with laptop computers where often a limited degree of connectivity is provided, and there is the need to expand the level of connectivity.


In particular, a USB hub expands a single port into several, enabling more USB ports to connect to the host. In addition to providing USB connectivity, many USB hubs provide connections for HDMI, Ethernet, VGA, SD and other memory cards, etc. In this way, the USB hub enables the computer to link to a host of other interfaces, enabling a vast variety of connectivity.


USB A Adapters


A USB adapter is a protocol converter for converting USB data signals to and from other communications standards. Commonly, USB adapters are used to convert USB data to standard serial port data and vice versa.


USB 3.0 Card Readers


USB 3.0 card readers are tiny USB plug-and-play devices used to read, copy and backup data from portable flash memory cards such as an SD Card, MiniSD, MicroSD, SIM, and other consumer electronics products. One card reader may be used for a specific type of memory card, while others may be designed to read multiple types of memory cards.


USB Cables


USB cable assemblies are some of the most popular cable types available. These cables are mainly used to connect computers to peripheral devices such as cameras, camcorders, printers, scanners, and more.


Broway Distributor


As we have discussed initially, all of these choices may either be beneficial or not to some. However, we cannot stop the innovations of different electronic products. Therefore, aside from this article guide on the different Broway electronics and computer peripherals, we recommend you contact an authorised Broway electronics distributor.


Wherever you are located globally, BD Electronics, an authorised Broway European distributor, can provide you with the assistance you need.

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