A Beginner’s Guide to Coilcraft Products

A Beginner’s Guide to Coilcraft Products

Coilcraft CPS (Critical Products and Services) is part of Coilcraft, Inc., focusing on magnetic products for very high reliability, critical applications, such as those found in aerospace, military, medical, and other applications where durability and reliability are of paramount importance. End products that must operate in unusually harsh environmental conditions are also a good fit for our magnetic components.

All manufacturing facilities have received ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive) certification. In addition, all facilities have received ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certification for the “Design, manufacture, and distribution of inductive components including SMT and leaded inductors, transformers and assemblies for telecom, computer, automotive, industrial and other international markets.” This certification demonstrates that Coilcraft has operational quality systems that satisfy our customers’ rigorous demands.


Coilcraft-CPS is ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) registered. Registration has been issued to Coilcraft-CPS by the US State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) Compliance Registration Division (CRD).


Coilcraft is a privately held company, founded in 1945 as a custom coil maker for the many television set manufacturers clustered around the Chicago area then. As the electronics industry matured and diversified, Coilcraft focused on customer needs and continually developed new products. Today, Coilcraft produces inductors for a long list of customers worldwide in telecommunications, computers, instrumentation, and other electronic products. Coilcraft CPS was a direct outgrowth of that customer focus.


Customers need products designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure their suitability for life-critical applications and use in adverse environmental conditions. To accomplish this, Coilcraft CPS tests components to extremes, far exceeding ratings of standard commercial parts. Additionally, components can be certified to meet unique customer requirements. Components are manufactured, tested, and certified without third-party value-adds or testing, assuring complete and documented control of all processes. And because no outside services are required, costs and delivery timelines are reduced.


Power Inductors


Coilcraft’s leading power inductor technology meets the demand for high switching frequencies and small overall solution sizes in shielded composite core and traditional ferrite core constructions. Our compact SMD power inductors achieve maximum energy storage and eliminate EMI in power supplies for automotive, industrial, and commercial electronics. The XGL family features the latest technology in ultra-small, ultra-efficient power inductors.


Shielded Inductors


Magnetically shielded inductors minimize EMI while balancing small sizes with low DCR and high current ratings. Perfect as power chokes and for eliminating noise in power supplies in automotive, commercial, industrial, and high-reliability designs.


  • Molded Inductors

  • Ferrite Drum/Sleeve

  • High Current Flat Wire Inductors

  • High Current Radial Lead and Toroid Inductors

  • High SRF Power Chip Inductors


Unshielded Inductors


Coilcraft unshielded power inductors with open magnetic constructions provide high saturation current ratings.  These are used for general-purpose power choke and power supply applications.


  • Ferrite Drum Surface Mount

  • Radial Lead Through Hole


Coupled Inductors


Coilcraft coupled inductors/transformers are magnetically shielded and feature low DC resistance and tight coupling in 1:1, 1:N, and 1:1:1 turns ratios. Excellent for Flyback, SEPIC, Ćuk, and Zeta topologies.


  • 1:1 Shielded Coupled Inductors

  • 1:1 Shielded Coupled Loosely Inductors

  • 1:1 High Isolation Coupled

  • 1:1:1 Shielded Coupled

  • 1:N Shielded Coupled


Uncoupled Dual Inductors


Our shielded uncoupled dual inductors operate independently without coupling, saving space by combining two inductors in a single package. Perfect for Class-D applications up to 100 Watts.


  • Class-D Inductors


High Voltage Inductors


Coilcraft high-voltage power inductors support the need for voltage-rated inductors in high-voltage DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies, industrial automation and control systems, home automation, appliances, and automotive, including electric vehicles (EVs). 

RF Inductors


Coilcraft leads the industry in designing and manufacturing wire-wound RF and microwave frequency inductors for commercial, industrial, automotive, military, and space environments. Wirewound construction achieves extremely high Q for high efficiency in high-frequency RF impedance matching and antenna matching circuits.  Broadband RF chokes provide wideband filtering for eliminating EMI over a wide frequency range.  Applications include cell phones, portable electronics, RFID, RF transceivers, and broadband wireless.


  • Ceramic Core Chip Inductors

  • Ferrite Core Chip Inductors

  • Air Core Inductors

  • Conical and Broadband Inductors

  • RFID and NFC Transponder Coils

  • Tunable RF Inductors



Our power transformers are optimized for Flyback, Flybuck™, no-Opto, forward-mode, active-clamp-forward, push-pull, resonant mode, and full- / half-bridge configurations.  Off-the-shelf SMD and TH mount transformers for PoE, current sensing, ultra-sonic sensing, isolation, capacitor charging, and gate drive or pulse transformer applications.  Power converter transformers for DC-DC and AC-DC voltage conversion are in industrial, automotive, and high-reliability environments.


Our miniature wideband RF transformers achieve tight coupling and come in a wide range of impedance ratios for low-power (1/4 W) signal applications requiring up to 500 V isolation.  Wirewound SM and TH mount versions are available for impedance matching, DC current injection, balun, unbal, unun, single-ended, balanced, differential transmission line, and DC isolation.


Power Transformers


Versatile constructions optimized for flyback, Flybuck™, forward-mode, active-clamp-forward, push-pull, or general full- and half-bridge topologies.


  • Power Converter Transformers

  • Compact Transformers for no-Opto Flyback Topology

  • PoE Transformers and Magnetics

  • Current Sense Transformers and Sensors

  • Ultrasonic Sensing Transformers

  • Gate Drive Transformer

  • Isolation and Data Transformers

  • Capacitor Charging Transformers

  • Hexa-Path Magnetics Configurable Transformer

  • CCFL Transformers

  • Power Factor Boost Inductors and Controller Magnetics

Planar Transformers and Magnetics


Planar transformers are designed for high-power applications requiring low profile and losses. Perfect for DC-DC, telecom, automotive, high-power LED, and high-power industrial use.


Wideband RF Transformers


Designed to pass low-power (1/4 W) high-frequency signals over a wide frequency range with no signal distortion and minimal insertion loss. Great for DC isolation, impedance matching, phase shifting, AC coupling, balun transitions, and current and voltage conversion.




Coilcraft Inc. power line and data line standard mode chokes and wire-wound ferrite beads cancel EMI for high-frequency electronic noise suppression.  Off-the-shelf CM and DM filters in SM and TH mounts prevent interference in power supplies and data lines as industrial and automotive grade noise filters for USB, CAN bus, PoC, ADAS, xEV, and Class D audio amplifiers.  These chokes will help to meet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards such as FCC Title 47 CFR Part 15 and CISPR.



  • Data Line Common Mode Chokes

  • Power Line Common Mode Chokes

  • Wirewound Ferrite Beads

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