Bivar | Smart Technology Showcase

Bivar | Smart Technology Showcase

Bivar’s comprehensive selection of high-quality, innovative component products also includes smart technology within its assortment.

The company believes it goes beyond just ordinary products offered to the customers. Instead, it provides the consumer with smart technology, which helps them have more interaction and control.

To let you know what the company includes in its smart technology line, read below what are examples of Bivar’s smart technology.


Wireless Gateway Communication Center

Part Number: BWGCC                 

Wireless Gateway Communication Center is configured to receive peripheral sensor information and manage corresponding sensors. The BWGCC’s primary duty is to send data from each Bivar Smart Device to the Bivar Cloud Server.

Inside a controlled room, Bivar’s BWGCC Gateway links to Bivar’s Temperature and Humidity Sensors, as well as Bivar’s Smart Rackmount Secure Handles. It’s Ideally used in data center server rooms and industrial spaces.


  • Smart Gateway transfers the company’s Smart Devices WiFi data to the cloud server.
  • Encryption with secure wireless and cloud communication
  • LEDs indicate gateway activity and status, AES-128.
  • On the gateway flash, the gateway will hold up to 1,000 pieces of data.
  • It has easy assembly and installation.

Bivar Wireless Smart Gateways are the key to your IoT Solution when pairing Wireless Rackmount Handles or Temperature/Humidity Sensors. It is easy to set up, long-range and accommodates many needs in a compact form.


Wireless Rackmount Secure Handle

Part Number: BWRSH

Its Bivar wireless Rackmount Secure Handle is a straight replacement for a passive non-smart server rack handle. Each wireless unit is powered by a single Lithium-Ion 3.6V battery with a one-hour heartbeat and a life of up to 10 years in ideal conditions.

Its sensor is a one-of-a-kind smart position monitoring gadget designed for the data center community to detect the movement or removal of rackmount servers and rackmount network appliances. It makes use of long-range communication and low-power batteries.


  • Industrial/Scientific Grade Sensor.
  • LED light with real-time status.
  • iOS or Android App for active monitoring of events and status.
  • Encryption with secure wireless and cloud communication, AES-128 
  • Easy installation with provided hardware


Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Part Number: BWTHS

The air temperature within a given environment, room, or enclosure is monitored using Bivar’s BWTHS Sensor. It is essentially used in server rooms/cabinets, industrial spaces, museums, and greenhouses.

By downloading the free Bivar’s Smart App, you can monitor your home from any iOS or Android handheld device, tablet, or computer.


  • Industrial Grade Sensor.
  • Temperature monitoring (64°F) 18°C and (80°F) 27°C 
  • (RH) Relative humidity within 40% and 60%
  • +/-0.2°C is temperature measurement accuracy 
  • Relative Humidity measurement accuracy +/- 5% RH
  • The actual range varies depending on the environment.
  • Battery life depends on reporting frequency and other variable factors.
  • LED light with real-time status.
  • iOS or Android App for achieving active monitoring of status.
  • Encryption with secure wireless and cloud communication, AES-128
  • Easy installation with provided hardware


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