The first space hotel

When we think about an exotic destination, the image of white sand, beautiful lagoons covered with fantastic plants and flowers or the city with mysterious stories… but forget about it, close your eyes for a minute and imagine…a vacation outer the space in a hotel without gravity. Orion Span’s luxury hotel, Aurora Station, absolutely meet your expectation of a fancy vacation that you never experienced before.

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Recycling electronic components

Electronics waste, generally known as e-scrap and e-waste, is the rubbish caused by surplus, broken and obsolete electronic parts. Waste electronics are directly polluting eco-life system around the world. To fix this problem, e-waste will be re-generated from old industrial devices or electronic components into new products.  

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Spotify black sheep among the big US tech-giants

To plan routes and to navigate people use Google maps, for watching series: Netflix, and for music: Spotify. All these apps are now inseparable from our daily lives. Still, Spotify is a black sheep in this list, other than Google, Netflix and other tech-giants or electronic component providers who are from the US, Spotify is from Europe.

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Sophia, Almost a Human

Sophia is a human looking robot which was created by David Hanson. Sophia can walk and communicate with human beings. This creative robot was created by an ambitious and very ingenious team who used effective electronics components.

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