Choose good components

When working with electronics equipment, either in electronics circuit design, build or repair, it is sometimes necessary to choose good components. Either the type of them may not be to hand, or it may not be available.

Part Number Manufacture Price
NU80579EZ600CTSLJ6F Intel 525.84$/pcs
VND5E050MCKTR-E STM 4.5$/pcs
MC56F8367VVF Freescale 23.70$/pcs

When looking for suitable components it is necessary to look at the main specifications for the components. Once the components specifications and parameters have been ascertained, it is possible to send us a quote request easily through our website and we will follow it as quickest as possible.

Part Number Manufacture Price
OV09655-VL1A OmniVision 10.30$/pcs
NOII5SM1300A-QDC Cypress 301.82€/pcs
PC28F512M29EWHB Micron 6.37€/pcs
TK5561A-PP Atmel 8.40$/pcs

When considering any possible components, it is necessary to look at a variety of specifications. These will include the basic parameters of the components operation performance. They will also include environmentally-related parameters and physical parameters. All these need to be taken into account when choosing suitable components.

Part Number Manufacture Price
MT29F32G08AFABAWP-IT:B Micron 30.00$/pcs
UNO 3074A-A33E MLE 1545.00 $/pcs
C0603C472J1GACTU Kemet 0.13$/pcs

It is quite likely that a similar one may be available to hand, or possibly from a local supplier. In either case, it is useful to be able to choose a good option with a good possibility of it being able to work.