Qatar, Hosting the football world cup 2022

The tiny, hugely-ambitious state is slated to unveil the coveted tournament's first completed venue. Popularly called the Khalifa International Stadium, it is equipped with a much-discussed cooling technology. 

Since Qatar is a small country, other countries provide obsolete electronic components which help to build the stadiums. The electronic supply will certainly enhance thanks to this innovative project. 

One of the issues that Qatar is facing is hot weather. Indeed, due to the high temperatures the world cup will be held in December for the first time in history.  Right after getting the right to host the world cup, everyone was sceptical about the capacity of this small country to host such a big event, but Qatar showed an impressive state-of-the art technology.

When it comes to innovation, industrial devices and creative technology, Qatar never disappoints and is always ready to exceed our expectation.

Cooling the showcase

The Showcase includes an array of solar heat collectors. Representing the latest generation of the technology, they have a series of motorised mirrors and electronics parts that track the sun, focusing the sun’s rays onto collecting tubes with hot water circulating inside.

These tubes take energy in the form of heat, which is converted into cooling and electricity to supply lighting, power and other building systems.

The solar energy heats water to 200°c. It is then converted to cooling water by machines called absorption chillers. The cooling water is stored in eutectic tanks beneath the stadium for use in the evening, when it is circulated into the air-handling units.

In turn these units supply cooled air to the area beneath spectators’ seats, thereby making the area comfortable for occupants. Cooler air will also flow down to create a lower ambient temperature on and around the pitch for players. The cooling nozzles are specially designed in Qatar, with plastic moveable parts which are more durable and allow air to be pushed to the area we want it to reach.

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