The need to seek out alternative electronic components are often motivated for variety of reasons. How you'll hunt for them, and to what extent alternate components are needed will help determine your methods and your urgency. The two main motivators for locating alternatives are money and replacing discontinued parts. Ultimately, it all comes right down to money and also the replacement costs of components. The urgency of the necessity becomes heightened when a corporation is on the brink of stop manufacturing certain essential electronic components you'll must maintain your products that use them.

Part Number Manufacture Description Price
TJT50010RJ TE Connectivity Wirewound Resistors - Chassis Mount $50.11/pcs
51004-2000-15-2 Kontron Industrial Temperature Grade Module SoM $410/pcs

Sadly, yet realistically, obsolescence is built into many of our products. As a University of Maryland study notes: “Consequently, many of the electronic parts that compose a product have a life cycle that is significantly shorter than the life cycle of the product. The part becomes obsolete when it is no longer manufactured, either because demand has dropped to low enough levels that it is not practical for manufacturers to continue to make it, or because the materials or technologies necessary to produce it are no longer available”.

Part Number Manufacture Description Price
LIS352AX STMicroelectronics Accelerometers MEMS INERTIAL SENS 3-AXIS 2G ABS OUTPUT $7.82/pcs
TCD 2220 - DICE DICE Integrated Circuits (ICs) $21.9/pcs
26M999-A Honeywell TIndustrial Motion & Position Sensors RESISTIVE & OPTICAL $278/pcs
ST62T25CB6 STMicroelectronics 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU OTP EPROM 4K No Intf $12/pcs

So, you wish to grasp what to try to to when a component is not any longer being made. Sometimes, the first manufacturer will stop making the component but other companies make part that may add its place. Finding alternative parts are often difficult but there are a pair of internet sites that now keep track of soon to be discontinued, and not being made parts, that give options for workable component replacements. far better than having to completely rebuild your product, or having to answer to your buyers when a little part could keep a serious expenditure machine running.

There are times when generic equivalents are made and also the replacement part is way more cost-effective. Here you wish to grasp the standard of the alternate parts. There are some arguments for sticking to the brand component - but pricing could be a factor which will counter the argument.

Part Number Manufacture Description Price
K9K8G08U0B-PIB0 TSOP-48 MSMWTRPM Flash Memory 1GB New Original $7.8/pcs
PEW NF2EB-24V Panasonic Low Signal Relays - PCB RELAY 2A 24VDC AMB FLATPACK PCB $10.70/pcs
MG8097BH-6 MY Intel Microcircuit, Digital, NMOS, 16-Bit $620/pcs

Either way it pays to stay track of the parts you employ. Companies like us actually make major buys of discontinuing components because the corporate has been around for years and have become attentive to the requirement and addressed it.