Choosing the best electronic components

choosing the best electronic components

To start your planning and research, we came up with a guide to help you find the best electronic components at a reasonable price. Our team will help set you on the right path to choosing the best electronic components, as having a good idea of what you want can improve your experience.

These mentioned electronic components are only meant as an elementary introduction to some components you will encounter when building electronic circuits.

Resistor: a resistor will resist the current flow in an electric circuit. This is probably the most common electronic component of them all. Usually, the resistor is used to set up the correct voltages in a circuit to make it work properly.

Capacitor: a capacitor is like a battery with deficient capacity. It might, for example, be used to introduce a delay in a circuit.

Diode: a diode is a component that only conducts electricity in one direction. It is commonly used to convert from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). Other types of diodes include Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Zener diode.

Transistor: a transistor is similar to a relay because you can use it to turn on and off a current. The transistor is what makes amplifiers work.

Integrated Circuit (IC): an integrated circuit comprises several tiny components and is placed in a small package. It could be anything from a microcontroller to a radar system.

Relay: a relay is a switch that can be controlled electrically. If you connect power to the relay, the switch opens. If you disconnect the power, the switch closes. (Or vice versa).

Inductor: inductors are strange components made up of wire in a coil. They don’t like high frequencies. It is a little bit difficult to understand what they do without knowing a bit more theory. I have written a more elaborate article called.

Crystal: a crystal oscillator is used to create a precise frequency, such as a clock for a microcontroller.

Let’s review some of our recent orders for our customers:

Part Number Description Price
MDS5601URH Trans MOSFET N-CH 30V 10A 8-Pin SOIC T/R 0.30$/pcs
MT25QL01GBBB8E12-0SIT FLASH – NOR Memory IC 1Gb (128M x 8) SPI 133MHz 24-T-PBGA (6×8) 15.78£/pcs
NE5234D Operational Amplifiers – Op Amps MATCHED QUAD HI-PERF OP AMP $2.61$/pcs
XT1524 RECOM Power 64.35€/pcs
GCM188R71E105KA64D Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC – SMD/SMT 0603 1uF 25volts X7R 10% 16€/pcs
DBS400B24 Isolated DC/DC Converters 400W 24V 17A SMD/SMT 93$/pcs
EPF10K200SBI356-2N IC FPGA 274 I/O 356BGAEmbedded – FPGAs 24.34€/pcs
LQFP64 IC / Integrierte Schaltung: LQFP64 7.15€/pcs
ISP1582BS Full Speed/High Speed USB Peripheral Controller USB 2.0 3.3V 56-Pin HVQFN EP 4.80$/pcs
5GTH93582 Switch Tactile N.O. SPST Button PC Pins 0.05A 24VDC 10000000Cycles 3.5N Thru-Hole 3.95€/pcs

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