Dialight Electronics company

Dialight Electronics company

Dialight’s intensive product vary covers all of your visual indications demand. From discrete through-hole LEDs or MicroLED® surface-mount LEDs to Through Hole CBI® and Prism® vertical and right-angle indicators. These parts exactly find lensed indicators in your panel or display. This is to engineer OptoPipe® light-pipes that channel light around obstacles, panel-mount, LED indicators with NEMA, IP, and UL ratings, to lamp holders and lens caps high-voltage functions, to alternative LED bulbs, Dialight has an indicator for each utility.  Our various high-power LED optics, LED lighting modules, and LED drivers to enable the rapid deployment of solid-state gentle in industrial functions with nearly no design effort or experience. Deliver Dialight’s high quality, popularity, and greater than 70 years of expertise to gentle in your indication or industrial lighting software.

Dialight has established itself because the primary provider of high-flux LED merchandise for the transportation market. Entering the business in 1938, Dialight has been pioneering among LED’s most innovative purposes since the 1970s.

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