Diotec Makes its Debut into the World of MOFSETS Devices

Since 2020, Diotec has started into the new era of Power MOSFET devices, which is an excellent step for the company to contribute to energy and cost savings.

Before we go into a profound explanation about the company’s initiative and contribution, let us first introduce Diotec in detail.

  • Get to know one of the best semiconductor manufacturers in Europe.

Diotec has been involved in this highly competitive sector for almost 40 years. Its success is built on know-how, innovation, and excellent customer service. 

Diotec was founded in Heitersheim, Germany, in 1973. The company has focused on manufacturing diodes and rectifiers from its beginnings, and it quickly becomes a well-known name throughout Europe.

Besides its high-quality products, the company also provides its partners and customers a wide range of services. Find below the services offered by Diotec:

  • It provides customized solutions for semiconductor chips, packages, the configuration of leads, etc.
  • 24 hours regular response time to partner’s requests during business hours;
  • More than 40 distributors and sales offices are partner’s and customer’s direct contact to Diotec;
  • More than 95% on-time delivery per customer request date: Logistics is the company’s strength!

The consistent excellent quality of Diotec products is ensured via “in-process” control and frequent sample tests. For each product, the system includes complete production instructions in the form of flow charts. In addition, all devices are checked at least twice for the primary datasheet characteristics before leaving their factories.

More information about Diotec, you can find here.

Now, let us get back to Power MOSFET devices offered by Diotec and its worldwide distributors. 

A wide range of Diotec electronic components use Advanced Trench Technology to achieve low RDS(on) and rapid switching times. As a result, they aid in the application’s energy and cost savings.

Because of its low on-state Resistance and rapid switching speeds, power MOSFETs are perfect for DC/DC converters, DC drives, and power tools. In addition, they have a reverse avalanche feature for safe operation and a low gate charge that requires little driving effort.

Small signal types are suitable for a wide range of battery and load control applications. They have low on-state resistance and are packaged in a tiny SMD package to save space.

The new MOSFETs from Diotec are available in TO-220AB, D-PAK, SOT-23, and ITO-220AB packages. You can download this brochure to learn more about these parts.

A summary of the main benefits of (Power) MOSFET technology includes:

  • Advanced Trench Technology
  • Low on-state Resistance
  • Fast Switching Times
  • Low Gate Charge
  • Avalanche Rated

Some of the main applications for this technology include:

  • DC/DC Converter
  • Power Supplies
  • DC Drives
  • Power Tools
  • Power Factor Correction

BD Electronics, a European electronics components distributor, is glad to announce that they have signed a strategic relationship with Diotec Semiconductor AG, making them an authorized agent for the sale of these high-quality products.

For more details, please click here to be redirected to our product list page of Diotec for further information.

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