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Summer remains the most popular time to travel among students. However, the Maltese islands are not only a summer destination, it’s packed with impressive soul-feeding views with friendly neighbors. The blue lagoon seashore, hidden caves, thrilling scuba diving elasticities your remarkable experience.

These islands can be described as one big open-air museum with a history straddling 7,000 years and the artifacts which are still very visible. Today it’s become easily reachable from almost anywhere, with regular direct flights from major European countries, 30 minutes travel time to reach North African countries, and daily connections to Dubai, facilitating travel to and from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Maltese culture blends the ideals of centuries of traditionalism with modern-day European social liberalism. Malta’s food services and nightlife scene are two unexpected bonuses that will greet you on arrival. Paceville, Spinola Bay, St. Julian’s Bay, and much more places will welcome you with beer Friday and with friendly talks.

The cost of living in Malta is also cheaper. It’s conceivable to find a modern apartment with a small garden and bedrooms at better value for money, and utilities are also not as expensive. Local products that are sold in roadside markets are less costly and fresh compared to the imported products. Eating out in Malta is slightly cheaper than in many of the other European countries.

After joining the EU, Malta has taken full advantage of opportunities available to advance commercial standards, business, and quality of life. Safety and security are outstanding. All areas are safe to walk or drive around at night. Living standards in Malta are acceptable and compare well with those of continental Europe.

Working as an intern in the European Union will benefit both companies and students. Students can get Erasmus+ scholarships from their Institutions if their internship is mandatory for the studies. Companies have a chance to hire fresh and portal students, which can create a multicultural organization. (the training doesn’t have to be mandatory to get the Erasmus+ scholarship).

Imagine going to an exotic tourist place for an Internship in a multicultural working environment with Erasmus+ scholarship and acquiring potential knowledge from an international sourcing company in the bay watch of Malta. BD Electronics Ltd. (Malta) is a subsidiary company of ML Components GmbH (Germany), which will provide you global exposure and the multicultural work experience, and the possibility to work in different countries during your Internship period.

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