Electronic Components Suppliers Conquer Post-Pandemic Surge

Electronic Components Suppliers Conquer Post-Pandemic Surge

According to the article by BBC News, last January 26, 2020, semiconductor makers are placed under pressure as the market demand continues to increase. In spite of the pandemic consequences on different industries, sales of electronic devices unexpectedly took off, resulting in a worldwide semiconductor shortage. This predicament imposed great opportunities for semiconductor manufacturers as well as electronic component search engine companies but with a number of drawbacks on the side.

Major industries such as the medical, telecommunications, and military are greatly affected by this worldwide dilemma. The production of their respective devices decelerated along with the spike in the online world demands. This is a scenario that electronic component distributors have been preparing as part of digitalization’s future; however, their efforts are not substantial. Covid-19 is one of those unforeseen events that really tested the resilience of all businesses in keeping up and remaining afloat with all the changes.

Gina Raimondo, the US secretary of commerce, said, “With sky-rocketing demand and full utilization of existing manufacturing facilities, it’s clear the only solution to solve this crisis in the long-term is to rebuild our domestic manufacturing capabilities.”

The COVID outbreak was alarming for the U.S. government, for it managed to carry out a semiconductor shortage in just a few weeks. A $52 billion investment was proposed by President Biden to regenerate the industry’s buoyant stabilization, yet concerned businesses cannot solely depend on this. 

Post-pandemic Electronic Industry

In today’s post-pandemic phase, the electronic industry is slowly returning and becoming more competitive and ambitious. As the government of every state supports the recovery of semiconductor manufacturers, concerned firms continue to generate innovations and improve their services where accessibility and convenience are at the core of their goals.

Most activities are now performed online; remote working and online classes are just a few, to mention the very popular ones. For this reason, many manufacturing companies of different gadgets, including the big brands, Apple and Samsung, are not just competing for their products but also for suppliers of their resources. 

Innovation makes a huge difference, but this is not the case for an electronic component search engine. Findchips is known for its strategic and tactical sourcing, which most procurement departments of electronic businesses have depended on for years. However, in this post-pandemic, purchasing managers and electronic purchasing assistants must rethink their strategies to strengthen their supply chain network.


Alternatives of Findchips in the Electronic Component Provision

It is not enough for Purchasing Managers and Electronic Purchasing Assistants to have enough stock. Anticipation is crucial and time is more precious, so having options, whether it is an electronic component search engine or distributor, is more efficient than depending on one provider. 

Digipart is a Findchips alternative with an identical business activity being a search engine. It is based in California, helping engineers and professionals search and purchase from multiple electronic manufacturers worldwide. Digipart connects the market with several options to help them immediately find their specific electronic part needs. Its service is perfect for immediate and short-term acquisitions.

On the other hand, we have BD Electronics Ltd, a Malta-based electronic component distributor. Unlike Digipart and Findchips, BD is for clients who prefer to have individuals care for their needs. There may be instances that a specific brand and component would require alternatives, and distributors like BD will do all the work for you. To know more about the company, you may check this article here

Both of the above-mentioned electronic component providers are excellent options to consider, especially during this phase of semiconductor shortage. In addition, there are more Findchips alternatives, but varying preferences will always influence the deciding factor, whether it is the delivery time frame, price, brand credibility, etc.  

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