What Services Do ERAI Provide?


For twenty solid years, ERAI has been at the forefront of providing global services to companies along the electronics supply chain. These services enable the industry to perform effective risk-mitigation services on suspected counterfeits and non-conforming parts.

Apart from offering services that help organizations improve employee capacity- ERAI also provides an extensive database for all industries linked to the electronics supply chain. Whether it’s aerospace, commerce, government agencies, defense, or industry associations, ERAI has one or more services for your benefit.

This article will explain four services ERAI provides that you may require.

Let’s figure them out!

1. World-class resource for risk assessment tools

ERAI is committed to providing the world’s leading information resource platform to serve industries across all sectors. This ‘information services organization’ generates, collates, monitors, and reports issues regarding the electronics supply chain on a global scale.

Do you need in-depth and accurate information from ERAI that allows for industry-specific risk mitigation practices on handling suspected counterfeit electronics?

You can trust ERAI information services as it is the world’s largest database for identifying non-conforming electronics.

More so, industries can now identify problematic dealers and suppliers using this information resource. Regardless of whatever industry, ERAI fast-tracks the detection of high-risk electronics and provides mitigation procedures.

2. Provides industry trends in laws and regulations

ERAI is a hub for trending news, ongoing events, and updates around the industry. Gain access to the most comprehensive insights on counterfeits detection in electronics.

Through active participation in industry committees and task forces, ERAI collates and shares helpful knowledge. And expertise through social media platforms, training, and other networking agencies.

It only collates the best industry practices suitable for the growing challenges in risk mitigation on the supply chain. That way, ERAI members can stay up-to-date with evolving laws and regulations, industry updates, and counterfeit tactics.

3. Assists buyers and sellers with comprehensive data and tools

With ERAI’s sophisticated system, buyers and sellers can adopt new ways to perform supply chain research, tracking, identifying, purchases, and sales of material.

In procurement, they can also limit risks, especially when dealing with obsolete electronic parts.

Other benefits of ERAI membership for all dealers include exclusive data reports, which are vital for securing quality electronics. With this, buyers and sellers can be safe from inferior products.  

4. Provide employee training

InterCEPT, introduced by ERAI, is a web-based training feature designed to cater to the needs of the electronics industry exclusively. This training program focuses mainly on counterfeit mitigation to help solve the challenges caused by fake electronics supply.

As a valuable information resource bank, organizations use this multi-media training for grooming employees. They can also adopt new structures for risk mitigation, such as introducing new employees to the complex supply chain and adherence to industry standards.


To enjoy these incredible services offered by ERAI, you’ll require a membership. Once a member, then you can receive accurate, in-depth services and much more.

ERAI is not only committed to helping industries get the best information at their fingertips, but this organization strives to stay up-to-date with industry mitigation practices, so you can always have the advantage.

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