Technologies Sub – Where to Buy Electronic Components?

You can upload your bill of materials (BOM) and search for multiple components simultaneously, which is a handy feature. You can also search by part number or parametric values. Some very well-known household names like Google and Tesla use Findchips to help support their procurement programs. 

Search engines like use algorithms to search dozens of suppliers. It compiles the results, including pricing and availability for hundreds of components like power supplies, surface mounts, and capacitors. 

A NASA scientist invented the search engine for personal use. Later, it was bought by Supply Frame Media. There’s an extensive fan base. The no-frills approach to sourcing has won over hundreds of thousands of users since its commercial launch in 2010. Pro Plan Pro collates information from many data sources together into a single source to provide a comprehensive overview of the component market. This is useful to make future procurement decisions. Pro is aimed towards larger companies. Pricing starts at $500 per month, plus $49 per user per month. 

Strategic and Tactical Purchasing

Strategic sourcing refers to developing long-term relationships, focusing on creating long-term and sustainable relationships with mutually beneficial suppliers. The focus is on continuous improvement to logistics, pricing, and deliverables.

Tactical sourcing refers to the day-to-day purchasing needed to keep your production line moving. Here, the focus is on short-term and immediate needs.

Some companies use both roles. Some companies have a single purchaser who fulfills both objectives. Small to medium-sized businesses are more likely to focus on tactical buying. Strategic buying, with its long-term focus, is more usually found at large companies.

Tactical buying is more reactive. It relies on a just-in-time delivery method to meet component needs. In today’s economy, with supply chain disruptions that are all too common, the focus is on tactical buying. A supply chain disruption has the potential to halt production lines for days and weeks at a time. 

The potential losses in revenue and productivity can quickly run into the millions. It also comes with human costs in terms of possible layoffs plus the expense of re-hiring once the component supply is restored. 

At BD Electronics, we can help prevent these possible disruptions. Our extensive network of shippers and suppliers can prevent unwanted supply chain problems.

Who We Are

BD Electronics Ltd. is an international wholesale distributor of electronic components. We are headquartered in Malta. Our OEM connections and contacts mean when other suppliers do not have access to your component, we usually do.

BD Electronics was founded in 2010 and is growing rapidly. We specialize in sourcing hard-to-find or obsolete components. We distribute active, passive, and electromechanical components with quick delivery and competitive pricing.

Our extensive network combined with personal service will help your company respond quickly to the ever-changing landscape of purchasing and procurement. 

And if you find yourself stuck, our team will work tirelessly to get you and your production lines back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our Values

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. BD focuses on developing long-term relationships with manufacturers to deliver high-quality components, on-time delivery, and friendly service. 

We believe in regular communication with our clients, frequent order updates, and pride in being an honest and trusted international company. 

We highly value the feedback from our clients and strive to improve the level of service we offer. Our staff is friendly and approachable. If you have any issues, we encourage our clients to let us know as soon as possible. 

Supplier Networks

BD Electronics are certified distributor for many brands.

Our supplier network extends throughout Europe and across the world. We proudly guarantee the best service, quality components delivered in the shortest possible time frames. 

As a reliable distributor, we maintain relationships with suppliers in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. Internationally, we partner with supplies in China, India, South-East Asia, and the US.


We have many facilities located on five continents. These facilities provide a range of shipping options, no matter what the customer’s delivery location is. Components are shipped EX Works using preferred carriers. 

For the fastest delivery time frames, items are shipped from the distribution center nearest the final destination. Distribution centers are located in Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia, and South Africa.


We provide our clients with the best quality products on the market. If requested, our components can be tested at an accredited third-party lab. This ensures that the component will meet your requirements, whether it is for military, industrial, or commercial-grade applications. 

We also have our own internal quality processes and testing before a supplier is approved. Together, these processes ensure you receive a high-quality component that will perform as per your specifications.

Search engines like have their role in the marketplace. However, no search engine can replace the knowledge experienced purchase managers have. Using our knowledge, we can source thousands of components at comparable prices with support from knowledgeable and dedicated staff. 

Our customer-first services will save you time and money. Not to mention the stress and headache you will avoid knowing you have the necessary support to keep your production lines moving.

21 Jun 2023