Introduction to Fronter Electronics and Chip Sun Technology

Introduction to Fronter Electronics and Chip Sun Technology


Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd. is a well-known international professional quartz crystal manufacturer based in Shenzen, China. The company was founded in 1991 by Chip Sun Technology Co. Ltd., specializing in frequency components focused on DIP and SMD. Through 20 years in the business, Fronter continues establishing its famous brand logo, the “FT.” The success of both companies is rooted in their shared value of putting their customer’s satisfaction on top of their priorities. Therefore, they ensure that every product delivers quality and standard with a high-quality workforce and equipment. 

Fronter Electronics focuses on Quartz Crystal Electronic Components that extend to its own research & development, production, and marketing. This has brought its recognition for having the largest production bases of Piezoelectric Crystal Components in China. It also acquired an ISO 9001:2000 for its quality control system in October 2002, an ISO 14001:2004 in October 2010, and an ISO 9001:2008 for its quality management system in May 2011. As a result, Fronter became a trustworthy international brand supplier of high-quality quartz to large manufacturers of telecommunication electronics. 

Customers are at the center of Fronter Electronics’ business activities, where they get inspiration for creating new products and improvements in all aspects. At present, they have two offices in China, specifically in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. These are not only extensions of Fronter’s offices but a way for them to get closer to their customers and continuously provide an immediate response to their needs. As a recognized supplier of high-quality quartz crystals, the company expects high demand from current, new, and potential business partners. Changes in delivery schedules and product requirements are made possible with Fronter Electronics, which is one reason why customers remain loyal and complacent with the company. It does provide not only quality electronic component products but also reliable customer service. 

Fronter Electronics also offers special customer assistance, especially for quartz crystal products that are ordered with specific requirements. The quality and standards of every made-to-order piece are carefully produced and examined with the help of Fronter’s engineering team. They are professionally equipped with their knowledge in the industry and align the customer’s product requirements to solutions in circuit applications. 

Chip Sun Technology and Fronter Electronics products undergo thorough procedures, especially the quartz crystal resonators and oscillators. As leading manufacturers, both companies possess special equipment as well as their own facilities and factories. Their dedication of more than 2 decades has kept them successful in the industry. Enough for the market to trust their products, especially those who are looking for quality quartz crystals, the expertise of Fronter Electronics. 


Fronter Electronics Products

The following are the different product categories available at FT. Every product is embedded with more specific details that can be found on the links attached to each category:

  • Quartz Crystal Resonators
    • SMD MHz
    • DIP MHz
    • SMD Tuning Fork
    • DIP Tuning Fork
  • Quartz Crystal Oscillators
    • PXO
    • VCXO
  • Silicon Programmable Oscillators
    • Low Power Oscillators
    • Ultra Performance
    • Differential Oscillators
    • 32kHz XO
  • Quartz Crystal Filters
    • MCF
    • SCF
  • Ceramic Resonators & Filters
    • Ceramic Resonators
    • Ceramic Filters
    • Ceramic Discriminators
  • SAW Resonators & Filters
    • Satellite Communication

In addition, the following are FT product models classified according to their electronic application:

  • Cellular
  • Digital Camera
  • Automotive
  • Personal Computer
  • Network
  • Optical Devices
  • Digital TV
  • ISM


What Is Quartz Crystals for Electronics?

A quartz crystal is the second most abundant mineral commonly used as a complementary and alternative medicine for personal healing, like acupuncture and yoga. However, it has a more technical use in the electronic components industry. A quartz crystal is considered a very high-performance resonant that functions as a central element for oscillator circuits. Crystals are widely known to promote the flow of good energy for the mind, body, and soul, and this is somehow related to how it is applied in electronic circuits. A quartz crystal has both series and parallel resonance, which gives it a particular frequency specification when purchased. In addition, its relatively large inductance but small resistance give it a very high Q factor. This means that oscillations would take longer to dissipate. This is why it makes it an excellent choice for resonant circuits to have a more extensive back-and-forth flow of energy between the inductor and the capacitor. 


How to Handle FT’s Quartz Crystal Products

As an internationally recognized High-Quality Quartz Crystal Manufacturer, Fronter Electronics came up with a guideline on how to take care of their FT quartz crystals. This is designed to provide their clients with the knowledge to make the most out of their FT products, regardless of whether or not it is custom-made. 

FT has taken into consideration different problems that customers may encounter upon the usage of its products: dropping by mistake, lead cutting, need to bend the lead of cylinder type of products, mounting of the cylinder, and SMD type of product. 

There are also handle-with-care tips for soldering, storing, and cleaning guidelines which you will find below:

  • General cleaning solutions or ultrasonic cleaning may be used to clean our crystal products, and ultrasonic cleaning is acceptable up to 20 kHz. Higher frequencies can destroy the crystal blank. The ultrasonic conditions can change according to different pc-board sizes and weights.
  • Please be sure to check if your cleaning and welding process affects any damage to crystal units before using.
  • Products using tuning-fork crystals cannot be guaranteed if cleaned using ultrasonic methods because the crystal may be destroyed.
  • Please advise us in advance if there are any requirements for ultrasonic washing.
  • Some kinds of cleaning fluid may cause any damage to crystal units. Please be sure to check the suitability of the cleaning fluid in advance.

For more information, you can find the complete guide on this pdf link: Quartz Crystal Handling.

BD Electronics Ltd is an official distributor of Chip Sun Technology Co. Ltd. for its Fronter Electronics (FT) products which are as follows: 

Crystal Resonator, Crystal Oscillator, Crystal Filter, Ceramic Filter, Ceramic Resonator, SAW Resonator & Filter  


For further information, orders, or inquiries on their products, you may contact us from any of the following channels:

Email: [email protected]

or you may also fill out the contact form found at our website:


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