Get To Know Conwin (Connor-Winfield) Products

Get To Know Conwin (Connor-Winfield) Products


About Conwin ( Connor Winfield)


An independent US-based maker of electronic products Connor-Winfield Corporation is privately held. Following its establishment in 1963, Connor-Winfield concentrated on developing and producing quartz-based oscillators and timing circuits for various electronics applications. Connor-Winfield continued to emphasize its fundamental timing roots while expanding into other product categories in the 1990s.

Frequency control products made by Connor-Winfield are utilized in a wide range of applications, such as LAN and WAN products, computers, and other microprocessors and electrical devices. In addition to providing a wide range of standard oscillator products and non-crystal-based oscillators, Conwin specializes in building custom and semi-custom frequency control solutions.

Company Values Of  Conwin ( Connor Winfield)

Connor-Winfield Corp. is dedicated to exceeding all customer expectations and raising customer satisfaction at all levels through ongoing evaluation, assessment, and improvement of our goods and services, as well as the efficiency of the quality management system.

Conwin’s company policy is to operate honestly and ethically in all commercial dealings. Therefore, each member of the organization must bear responsibility for fostering integrity and exhibiting the highest standard of ethical behavior in all of our actions to achieve this goal.

Sound judgment is essential to attaining Conwin’s corporate objective and observing this Code. This entails abiding by the law, acting morally, and according to the letter of internal policies and the law when applicable.

This Code applies to all Connor-Winfield workers, officers, and directors throughout the company’s divisions, branches, and subsidiaries.

Conwin (Connor Winfield) Product Categories

A wide range of products from Connor-Winfield are available, from specialized timing, cellular, and Global Positioning System solutions to standard frequency management devices.

  • Connor-Winfield’s Timing ICS

The Timing ICs from Coareor-Winfield is the latest in synchronization, frequency generating, and frequency control technology. These multi-featured single-chip systems are built for maximum adaptability, vast programmability, and high performance. GR-1244, ITU-G.813, ITU-G.8262 Option I and II, ITU-G.8263, Stratum 3 and Stratum 3E, ITU-G.8272, ITU-G.8273, and IEEE-1588 V2 are the telecommunications standards considered when designing this product line for network synchronization in timing cards and line card solutions.

  • Connor-Winfield’s Timing Modules

When GPS reference is available, Connor-Winfield offers a range of Timing Modules for synchronizing network elements.

  • Sync Card Timing Solutions

Complete system clock modules for Stratum 3 and 3E timing applications are available in Connor-self-contained Winfield’s modules for sync card timing applications. They abide by the specifications of GR1244, GR253, ITU-T G.812/813, and ITU-T G.8262 Synchronous Ethernet.

All modules support master/slave functioning, configurable filtering bandwidths, input reference certification, freerun, holdover, hitless comparison switching, and LOL/LOS alarm signaling. SPI bus or stateful pin signals are used for control and monitoring. The primary output has a very low jitter of 1 ps RMS (12 kHz -20 MHz).

  • Line Card Timing Solutions

  • Frequency Translators
Up to four chosen input frequencies between 8 kHz and 170 MHz can be converted via frequency translators to one or more output wavelengths up to 1 GHz (e.g., 25 MHz to 155.52 MHz or 19.44 MHz to 156.25 MHz). CMOS or LVPECL input levels are both acceptable. Based on the model, output levels are either CMOS or LVPECL. The transmission jitter is extremely low (0.3 Ps RMS 12 kHz-20 MHz). Input frequency tracking ranges cover the requirements for SONET to Ethernet. Lock alarm notification is standard.

Clock multiplication, clock jitter mitigation and regeneration, cross-frequency domain translations, and dissemination of backplane/midplane distributed NE base rate clocks are examples of common uses for frequency translator modules. All frequency converters are fully functional timing devices that require little or no extra components.
  • Synchronous Clock Generators
The HCMOS surface-mountable Synchronous Clock Generators from Connor-Winfield serve as reference clock sources that lock to one or two Timing/Sync Cards’ backplane inputs. Typical CMOS reference input frequencies range from 8 kHz to 25 MHz, and single, multiple outputs with CMOS, LVPECL, or both phases are available.

The output frequencies can reach 670 MHz. Select pins are used to transition between two reference inputs. Locked bandwidths span from 3 Hz to 74 Hz to provide effective jitter absorption. Available with manual or automatic 20 ppm Freerun operation. All synchronized clock generators are full-timing systems requiring minimal external parts.
  • Connor-Winfield’s Oscillator Products

With a history spanning more than 50 years and a wealth of expertise, Connor-Winfield continues to innovate in the design of frequency control products and offers a variety of quartz-based oscillators with high precision, high frequency, and superior efficiency. Quartz-based oscillators continue to provide the highest performance in long-term and short-term stabilization accuracy as well as low jitter and low phase noise signal formation compared to any other frequency control technique presently offered, despite the development of competing resonator technologies.

The following are Conwin’s oscillator categories:

  • TCXO
  • OCXO
  • VCXO
  • Time-Frequency References

Time standards and frequency regulations are essential for complex communications systems and devices. In addition, they serve as reference elements by demonstrating compliance with the necessary application requirements.

The time-of-day (TOD) data with high millisecond accuracy and nanosecond accuracy, as well as frequency outputs that are accurate and stable to better than parts in 109, are all provided by these reference time and frequency engines. They also offer time scales for communication and coordination derived from GPS/UTC. These devices will provide the highest level of performance in lightweight, compact solutions for uniform and stable time scale needs and ultra-accurate frequency standards.

  • Connor-Winfield Crystal Products

For a variety of applications, Connor-Winfield offers a selection of crystal products. Standard crystals have low electrical resistance, aging, and fundamental or third overtone modes and comply with RoHS regulations. Inverted mesa designs, high Q/low phase noise, very low aging, and RoHS compliance are all features of precision crystals.

Additionally,  Conwin is an expert in developing Quartz Crystal Microbalance technology, which opens up many design options for biomedical sensors, powder deposition monitors, environmental monitors, chemical reaction monitors, and various other applications.

Conwin crystal products categories:

  • Standard
  • Precision
  • Quartz Microbalance

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