Global Power Technologies – Product Application

Global Power Technologies – Product Application

Global Power Technology is the most knowledgeable manufacturer and seller of ultra-reliable, cost-effective off-grid power solutions for the world’s most rural and ecologically tricky locations. Our previous blogs discussed why Global Power Technology is the best off-grid power solution and distributor. In this blog, we will share with you what off-grid power is, the Advantages of Off-Grid Power and some of the challenges that have been solved using Global Power Technology products

What Is Off-Grid Power?

Off-grid power uses renewable energy to generate electricity independent of utilities such as the electrical grid. Solar, wind, and micro-hydro are the three primary methods of producing off-grid power. In contrast to the alternating current provided by global electrical grids, all convert their energy source to direct current electricity. Direct current electricity comprises energised electrons that produce power in only one consistent direction. The electrons’ order is constantly switched in alternating current.

Advantages of Off-Grid Power

  • Off-grid power has numerous advantages, including complete energy independence, eliminating the need to tap into the nearest grid and pay the power company each month for the privilege. 
  • A nearly non-existent carbon footprint, making it an appealing option for those concerned about its environmental impact. 
  • A way to avoid some people’s fear that the grid infrastructure will eventually fail, along with the economy.


Global Power Technology Uses Cases in Upstream and Midstream Applications 

About M Series for Upstream Uses by Global Power Technology 

M Series proves to be the perfect solution for remote off-grid wellsite power generation in extreme environments. 

Example of M Series Application by Global Power Technology 

A Calgary-based private energy company owns and operates a natural gas producing wellsite in a remote and environmentally challenging location in British Columbia, Canada.

Due to its remote off-grid location, it is economically unfeasible to bring utility (grid) power to the site. However, the website’s success hinges on providing reliable, uninterrupted, and continuous power generation for critical equipment and applications. The location in northern Canada, extreme weather and environmental conditions are essential factors in power system design and implementation.

With an average power consumption range of 300-500 watts, power was required for systems such as instrumentation, controls, exhaust fans, and lighting. In addition, larger power draws are expected intermittently and system power requirements. Therefore, the company needed a solution that performed well under various load levels and with load following functionalities to reduce fuel consumption at smaller loads. The M-Series power generators from Global Power Technologies (GPT) were the ideal solution.

The M-Series generators are dependable, low-maintenance, and economic systems operating in harsh environments. Up to 5kW of electricity can be produced by M-Series generators, and they need a little annual maintenance, which end-user personnel can do right on the spot.

The M-Series from Global Power Technology (GPT) was used to satisfy on-site power requirements, supplying enough electricity to keep vital systems operational around the clock. The system operated successfully on-site on February 9, 2021, during the Polar Vortex of 2021, which saw temperatures drop as low as -36.3°C (-33.34°F). 

The end user selected Global Power Technology (GPT) because of its well-established track record of creating high-quality systems and providing excellent customer service and working relationships.


About Model 5030 Teg for Midstream Application by Global Power Technology (GPT)

Example of Model 5030 Teg Application by Global Power Technology (GPT)

The Athabasca oil sands in northern Alberta, Canada, are one of the most significant petroleum deposits in the world, and Suncor Energy Inc. is an integrated energy firm producing them. In addition to marketing various petroleum and petrochemical goods, mainly under the Sunoco brand, the firm also discovers plants, sells natural gas resources and refines crude oil.

The Simonette Gas Plant is a facility used by Suncor’s natural gas division. Strict regulations are in place to shut down the incoming pipeline in the event of a safety hazard because its primary purpose is to control and process sour gas. The Emergency Shut Down (ESD) systems must be monitored and controlled remotely because this pipeline crosses electricity wires.

As long as fuel is present, the model 5030 TEG from Global Power Technologies generates 21W of constant, regulated DC power. Each Suncor site has access to a supply of clean, sweet gas that was utilised to control and regulate instruments, making this straightforward to secure. The battery connections of the pre-existing solar system were linked to the TEG. Extra wiring was unnecessary because output blocking diodes are present in both solar and TEGs.

The solar panels may be moved and used for other purposes because the TEG meets the electrical requirement. In addition, the system has been faultless ever since the TEGs were installed. Suncor then installed TEGs at each of the eight ESD locations to guarantee dependable operation. The quick and easy addition of TEGs helped to reduce the possible production loss and safety concerns.


Offshore Solutions by Global Power Technology (GPT)

Operating in some of the world’s most challenging conditions are offshore platforms.

It can be challenging to generate electricity offshore in distant locations when the seas are rough, scorching outside, or freezing. Thermoelectric generators (TEGs) have a solid-state design, a hazardous area classification, and a long service life to address this issue. TEGs merely use the platform’s already-existing natural gas fuel supply. TEGs can be conveniently positioned inside confined spaces on the site, thanks to their compact footprint. Batteries, distribution & charge control panels, solar (PV), and hail can all be added to offshore systems. Regardless of the specification or configuration required, Global Power Technologies (GPT) can offer the most dependable and economical power solution.


Do you require special tools for your off-grid power site?

The unique solutions provided by Global Power Technologies (GPT) include panels, battery systems, fuel management and conditioning, solar hybrid, enclosures, and remote monitoring packages. In addition, GPT provides direct or through EPC specialised energy system design, fabrication, commissioning, and documentation solutions to meet end-user requirements.

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