Global Power Technologies – All About Solar Hybrid Power Systems

Global Power Technologies – All About Solar Hybrid Power Systems


Global Power Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ultra-reliable and cost-effective off-grid power solutions to the world’s most extreme and ecologically challenged locations.


Solar-only systems confront daily sunshine availability, severe weather, seasonal shading, and debris-covered solar panels (snow, dirt, dust, sand, and so on). However, when solar electricity is combined with a TEG or M-Series generator, the result is the most dependable off-grid energy solution on the market today.


The engineering, product development, and integration testing teams of Global Power Technologies have grown to completely support the sizing, design, production, integration, test, and licensing of off-grid power systems based on TEGs and other generating technologies. GPT now works with customers to size their remote power systems using the most advanced technology available for dependability, effectiveness, reliability, emissions, and total cost of ownership.


This article will examine Global Power Technologies’ hybrid solar systems and discuss the finest solar batteries. Read on to find out if a hybrid system is the best type of renewable energy for your requirements.


What is a hybrid solar system?


A hybrid system means a solar system in which  solar panels stay linked to the grid’s power wires while having a backup battery system to store surplus electricity. The solar panels capture the sun’s energy, converted into usable power via an inverter. Then, power is sent to your house, your batteries, or the grid.


The advantage of a hybrid solar system is that you will always have electricity in any scenario. The extra energy generated by your solar panels is saved in a backup battery. This battery will supply electricity during the night, during system outages, or severe weather when the sun is not shining.


If you use up all of the power in your battery on a hybrid solar system, you can take electricity from the electrical grid.


A hybrid solar system works by directing solar energy to your inverter, which then distributes electricity to your property. The extra energy that is not needed to power your house is stored in your home battery.


This battery can supply energy to the grid when your solar panels are not producing electricity. If there is any energy left over after all of these stages, it is transmitted to the grid.


Hybrid Solar System Components


  • Solar Panel:  The solar panels are installed on your roof or in any open location in your home or property that gets direct sunlight. Solar panels provide direct current (DC).
  • DCDB (direct current delivery box): A DCDB (direct current delivery box) is a convenor box with a fuse, MCB, and SPD mechanism for protection. The fundamental goal of DCDB is to connect multiple wires from solar panels into a string with two outputs, one positive and one negative.
  • Charging Controller: As the name implies, the charge controller regulates the amount of power going to your battery. It avoids battery acquisition by controlling the volume of battery, hence extending battery life.
  • Hybrid Inverter: A hybrid inverter battery converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which may then be used to power domestic appliances.
  • ACDB: An ACDB (optional current distribution box) is a protection tool that includes fuse, MCB, and SPD devices. The primary goal of ACDB is to safeguard its gear from any hybrid inverter breakdown.
  • Battery: The battery is used to store the direct current (DC) electricity generated by your solar panels. It can be made of LiPO lithium polymeric materials, lithium-ion, or lead acid.


How Do Global Power Technologies’ Solar Hybrid Power Systems Work?


Solar hybrid systems combine photovoltaic (PV) panels with Thermoelectric (TEG) or M-Series generators to reduce the size and expense of the PV and battery needs while maintaining the greatest degree of system dependability.


You may avoid system downtime while saving money on operational expenditures (site visits, maintenance, and battery replacement) by implementing a TEG or M-Series generator at your location.


The Global Power Technologies (GPT) Solar Hybrid Controller shows the status of the charge of the battery system and activates the generators when it goes too low. When the PV array provides enough energy to the battery to surpass the minimum level of charge to the load, the generator may shut down until it is needed again.


The graph below compares the performance of a solar-only system to a TEG Hybrid system over the course of a normal solar year.

Global Power Technolgies

Solar Hybrid Power Systems Applications


The sun is the ultimate source of all life on Earth, and solar energy serves us in a variety of ways. The sun generates two forms of energy: light and heat, which humans can use for a variety of purposes ranging from photosynthesis in plants to producing electricity with photovoltaic (PV) cells to heating water and food. So, what are some of the applications of solar energy? Let’s look at four frequent applications of Global Power Technologies’ hybrid solar power systems.


  • Deserts

Even if the sun is abundant, sand, dust, and debris cause issues that prohibit solar systems from producing a consistent supply of reliable electricity. High temperatures and temperature changes between day and night reduce the life of solar battery banks.


     2. Mountains

Variable weather, snow, dramatic temperature changes, and a lack of accessible sunshine are all significant problems in solar-only dependability.


  3. Rainforests

      Solar systems can be affected by dense vegetation, rainfalls, and thick canopies. Hence solar hybrid power systems can be advantageous in rainforest applications.


 4. Offshore Platforms

 On offshore platforms, space is limited; the dimensions and weight of solar panels and the accompanying battery backup can be hefty. TEGs have a compact size and can function in inclement weather.




 Where to Bu Global Power Technologies’ Power Systems

Global Power Technologies offers a broad range of off-grid power solutions. If you are looking to collaborate with a leading manufacturer in the power supply industry, then Global Power Technologies is a great recommendation.


You can purchase Global Power Technologies products in bulk from suppliers and distributors worldwide. However, BD Electronics is the right off-grid power products distributor if you are looking for the best supplier services from the point of order to delivery.

Please send us a message for more information on Global Power technologies products. Our sales team will be in touch with you promptly.

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