IDEC Corporation: The Impact of R&D Technology

IDEC Corporation: The Impact of R&D Technology

With over 75 years in business, IDEC Corporation has maintained its continuous growth in the electronics industry, quickly becoming a key player in the competitive marketplace. 

Although it may seem like a smooth sailing road toward the top, its road to success has not been much of a coincidence. Throughout the years, IDEC has consistently found innovative ways to further its technological advancements and align its business growth with ongoing and ever-evolving technological trends.

Out of all the highly developed projects IDEC has fostered in its years as an exemplary business model, R&D Technology has been one of the top innovations that have transformed IDEC products for the better. It helped IDEC find more customized solutions to technical problems and sustainable practices to nourish and sustain environmental health.

What is R&D Technology?

Created in 1993, R&D technology provides for the needs of businesses regarding the continuously expanding market demand for specialized electrical engineering and mechanical products. Moreover, it adapts its solutions to the customers’ problems, developing innovative technological projects and solutions for industrialists who want to capitalize on innovative designs and equipment.

R&D technology establishes the first stage, or in other words, the conception phase in the development process of a product. It consists of doing in-depth market research, understanding customer needs, and how more improved products and services can be designed to suit such requirements.

Contrary to the classic notion of innovation, this technology focuses on what already exists rather than trying to drive new value streams. Therefore, the goal with R&D technology is usually to create new ideas, products, or services from older concepts or materials and to take these to the market, implementing and commercializing them to help your business stay competitive in the long run.

This makes R&D a vital tool for business growth and improvement as it compromises certain activities businesses can take to recreate and introduce new and innovative products and services to their sectors.

For more than 25 years, R&D technology has served various industries, providing them with solutions adapted to their specific technical and economic needs. It will continue to do so as long as responsible companies such as IDEC always look for newer and better ways to advance their businesses.

Why is it important?

R&D technology is a critical driver of economic growth. It stimulates innovation, development, and advancement, providing profits to the company and customer satisfaction.

More specifically, progress in marketing abilities and cost benefits are the main reasons companies like IDEC invest in R&D technology. Through R&D technology, a company can make money by researching and developing new ideas and products across various fields, increasing the overall knowledge and the ability to create methods to improve existing processes that need an increase in efficiency and a reduction in costs.

IDEC Developments with R&D Technology

IDEC truly embraces the vision of developing state-of-the-art technology thanks to its designing capacity and innovation activities. 

IDEC is systematically continuing its investments and projects based on the knowledge acquired by the experience of manufacturing products, equipment, and systems, creating innovative processes and designs while also improving the already existing systems.

Below are some of the products IDEC has created with the help of R&D Technology:

RT (Robotics Technology)

IDEC has developed the world’s first cutting-edge Robot Control Cell Production System and participated in the “Development Project of Next-Generation Intelligent Robot,” a national project led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. 


AT (Automation Technology)

Automation technology is vital in IDEC’s industrial capabilities, from mold production to control safety technology. These various technologies are vertically integrated, a corporate strategy involving business growth through streamlining operations. IDEC products are further manufactured in-house, without any assistance from the outside, from parts processing to finishing.


ET (Engineering Technology)

To achieve the traceability system and drive the development of advanced Engineering Technology, IDEC combines and systemizes laser marking, image processing, and RFID technologies.

ST (Safety Technology)

At the forefront of developing safety technologies, IDEC continues to lead the industry in safety technology development by shifting the Japanese safety concept from ‘zero accidents’ to the globally-recognized ‘zero hazards.’ It further acts per the international standards of Machine Safety, Functional Safety, and Explosion Proof Safety, in line with their aim to ‘Reduce industrial accidents.’

MT (Mechanical Technology)

IDEC has accumulated precision sensors and electromagnetic mechanism technologies by manufacturing integrated switches, circuit protectors, and relays, among other high-quality and high-performance control equipment, aiming to advance further in Mechanical Technology development.

PT (Photonics Technology)

IDEC has a satellite office in the Photonics Advanced Research Center (PARC) at the University of Osaka. It is a member of the business-academia collaboration project, creating cutting-edge and innovative applications of photonics device technologies, ranging from a quantum dot, new optical element, laser, optical fiber, and LED.

IT (Identification Technology)

As a strong promoter of Identification Technology and its ability to detect objects without failure, IDEC develops automatic recognition technology, such as image recognition and RFID, and sensing technologies with semiconductor lasers for plastic material sorting and water detection.

CT (Control Technology)

IDEC is determined to further develop the most advanced Control Technology, together with its role as a manufacturer of control equipment and its wide-ranging knowledge of multiple control technologies such as software, network communication, and computer.

GT (Green Technology for Environment Protection and Saving Energy)

IDEC has been one of the leaders in the active development of Green Technology. Green Technology is used to create environmentally-friendly products and equipment in order to conserve energy use and natural resources. For instance, in Osaka, IDEC built the world’s first all-LED building, namely the IDEC SALES OFFICE, in March 2008. It has gained the public’s attention as an office building that can save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.


As illustrated in the preceding paragraphs, R&D is the number one help when it comes to manufacturers finding the right ways to express their potential by modernizing production tools and advancing technology in robotics, special machines, and production equipment.

IDEC has used and will continue to use R&D Technology to continuously expand and strengthen its expertise according to the fluctuations and changes in the market and its specific needs.

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