IDEC Corporation Products Industry Applications


IDEC Corporation Products Industry Applications IDEC Corporation Products Industry Applications

Previously known as IDEC Izumi Corporation, IDEC Corporation is a manufacturer of systems for automation and control. The company was founded in Osaka, Japan, in 1945. IDEC was founded in 1945 by Tsuneo Funaki and established as a company in 1947.

IDEC manufactures a variety of electromechanical control devices, including relays, timers, and switches. The company also manufactures automation tools such power supplies, microprogrammable logic controllers, and touch-screen displays. In addition to automation and control solutions, other business segments of the organization include sensors, bar code scanners, and sophisticated LED opto-electronic components.

Products for industrial automation include switches, indicators, sensors, safety, electrical connections, lights, relays, and other devices, including program logic controllers (PLC), human-machine interfaces (HMI), sensors, and indicators. Programming software is also provided for free and can be downloaded with a time limit when related items are purchased by IDEC.

IDEC Corporation Industry Applications

Although every industry is unique, IDEC approaches them all in the same way. Construct trustworthy goods of the finest quality and provide ongoing support for them. Let’s get to know IDEC products industry applications.


Solutions for the automobile sector are IDEC’s specialty. To assist you perform more productively and accurately, they go above and beyond with technology by lowering maintenance expenses, flaws, and accidents.

The use of industrial automation technology by organizations improves safety, frees up time, improves production quality, minimizes monitoring, and lowers costs. All of these advantages help businesses operate more profitably, productively, and efficiently.

Many different types of businesses and industries utilize industrial automation to develop more effective operations by implementing various technologies. Industrial applications are replacing some of the routine work that people used to do. This frees up workers to undertake higher level activities while enabling repetitive and precise tasks to be accomplished with fewer mistakes.

Food and Packaging

Food packaging is a type of packaging system that is particularly made for food and is among the most crucial steps in the production of food since it protects the product from chemical, biological, and physical modifications.

As more foodservice suppliers digitize their business processes, the industry is anticipated to grow. Convenient payment options and the simplicity with which consumers may select foods based on their tastes and health preferences are fostering the expansion of food service providers, which in turn is fueling the market for food packaging.

With IDEC’s cutting edge technology, you may increase production and uptime while also getting the guarantees you need for cost-effective traceability. We have the collaboration tools and interfaces to assist you in identifying issues as they arise and enhancing operability and safety.

Machine Tools

IDEC is aware that only increasing productivity through better uptime and usability is insufficient. We can assist you minimize equipment and lower maintenance expenses while still ensuring that our products fulfill safety requirements.

Since the dawn of the Enlightenment, the use of machine tools to replace manual labor has increased productivity and efficiency with each industrial revolution. Although the types of machine tools have changed through time, the need from industrial organizations to automate or enhance production processes has strengthened the machine tool market’s position internationally. On a global scale, the market for machine tools has evolved into one of the most significant submarkets of industrial production.

Oil and Gas

As the world’s main fuel sources, oil and natural gas are significant players in the energy sector and have an impact on the global economy. Oil and gas production and distribution processes and systems are highly complicated, capital-intensive, and dependent on cutting-edge technology. Natural gas has historically been associated with oil, mostly due to the upstream or production phase of the industry.

Natural gas was seen as a nuisance for a significant portion of the history of the business, and it is still flared in huge amounts in several regions of the world, including the United States. Because of the above-mentioned shale gas development in the United States and natural gas’s lower greenhouse gas emissions when burned compared to oil and coal, natural gas has assumed a more significant part in the world’s energy supply.

Even in the most dangerous places, IDEC’s expertise in the oil and gas sector can help you improve output levels so that you may operate more effectively operations. Trust in our track record of delivering dependable solutions to assist you in being cost-effective up front and over the items.


IDEC is aware that gaining from higher production necessitates an unrelenting desire to advance things. The firm is always looking for ways to improve, make something safer, more portable, or more lasting. So that you may boost throughput.

The manufacturing machinery used in the hazardous chemicals and gases used in semiconductor fabrication processes is subject to a number of safety procedures.

Material Handling 

Short-distance movement within a building’s walls or between a building and a moving vehicle constitutes material handling.  It incorporates consideration of the protection, storage, and management of materials throughout their manufacture, warehousing, distribution, consumption, and disposal. It also makes use of a variety of human, semi-automated, and automated technology.  In contrast to manufacturing, which provides form utility by altering the shape, form, and composition of material, material handling may be utilized to create time and place utility through managing, storing, and controlling waste.


Although every industry is unique, IDEC approaches them all similarly. Construct trustworthy goods of the highest caliber and provide ongoing support for them.

21 Jun 2023