IDEC: Sustainable and Ecological Solutions to Electronics

IDEC: Sustainable and Ecological Solutions to Electronics


Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the IDEC Corporation is a leading manufacturer of automation and control equipment products.

It had its first start in 1945 when it was founded by Tsuneo Funaki and later established as an organization with the name Izumi Denki Co., Ltd. in 1947.

Since then, IDEC has been operating in multiple locations worldwide for over six decades: the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North and South America.

In these locations, IDEC mainly manufactures and sells human-machine interface (HMI), safety and explosion-proof, in-board equipment, and automation solutions, among many others.

The former, namely HMI solutions, consists of switches, joysticks, and indicator lights, whereas the latter, safety, and explosion-proof solutions, consist of safety-related and explosion-proof equipment, such as safety laser scanners, interlock and enabling switches, network camera systems, control boxes, and operator interfaces.

Moreover, you can find switching power supplies, industrial relays, LED illumination units, terminal blocks, control relay sockets, and circuit protectors within in-board equipment solutions.

IDEC also manufactures automation and sensing products: Micro Programmable touch-screen displays, power supplies, logic supplies, photoelectric devices, automatic recognition devices, operator interfaces, and sensors.

However, although IDEC is best known for its various cutting-edge electromechanical control products and advanced automation solutions, its business innovations that focus on conserving energy and protecting the environment should be taken note of.


Sustainable Policies & Objectives

IDEC’s conservation philosophy has contributed to sustainable growth in the electronics industry. 

Three years after its founding in Osaka, Japan, IDEC still maintains the same policy regarding developing products based on energy conservation and evaluation standards. These standards solely rest on improving products to reduce environmental damage and manufacturing waste, increasing the sale of environmentally friendly products, and improving overall business efficiency and productivity.

Environmental Business Innovations

IDEC has a long list of contributions toward improving the global environment and sustainable business growth through its innovative projects, making it one of the top leading companies in turning environmental insights into action, as the business ventures below prove to be so. 

Ultrafine Bubble Generation technology

Developed in 1990, GaLF (Gas Liquid Foam) is IDEC’s latest advanced bubble generation technology. It generates large amounts of ultrafine bubbles around 100-200 nm in diameter, making them the highest-concentrated bubbles in the industry.

GalF technology can function on multiple gasses, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. 

Mega-Solar Power Plant

To decrease the use of non-renewable energy, IDEC has expanded its solar power generator business to the industrial sector. 

With this state-of-the-art mega-solar power business, IDEC has become a power plant operator that directly contributes to the health of the global environment by protecting and improving local communities.

Another aspect making this project environmentally friendly is that IDEC has opted for the use of traditional wooden architecture for the solar mount of the panel. 

They have constructed a total of four solar power plants with this technology in Japan, spanning Ibaraki, Osaka and Otsu, Shiga and Amagasaki, and Hyogo.

Sustainable Lighting

With so many options on the market today, deciding which factory or machinery lighting best suits your environment and needs can be overwhelming. Furthermore, just as only some options will be the ideal pick for your particular setting, most will even be energy-consuming and wasteful both financially and environmentally.

With options like LED lighting, the correct lights will improve the visibility of your space tremendously, helping employees prevent injury, detect product defects more readily and transform your overall working conditions for the better.

IDEC provides improved lighting in the commercial field with advanced LED technology, reshaping how lighting is implemented in factories and machine tools.

Its LED lighting technology reduces shadowing, improving overall vision and alertness, which, in turn, aims to ensure sustainability and increase manufacturing productivity.

Furthermore, it lasts longer than conventional lighting. This time interval enables it to consume up to 40% less power, reducing environmental burdens by saving energy and, thus, energy costs. Further, it minimizes the harmful impact that standard lighting has on our environment.

Here are some categories you will want to consider before creating an industrial lighting design tailored for you and your workspace.

Factory Facility Lighting

With advanced LED technology, IDEC offers illumination units for high ceilings and low-temperature environments.

Machinery Lighting

Robust, durable, and illuminating are the main characteristics of high-quality and high-performing LED machine lighting. 

IDEC’s LED illumination for interior machinery lightings, such as machine tools and food processing equipment, are all dust, water, and oil-resistant, making them greatly indestructible.

Charging Stations

IDEC has been supplying components to EV charger manufacturers for a decade, operating and ensuring the safety of the charging stations.

As electric cars become more popular worldwide, clean transportation solutions are being introduced. By adopting new technology and product designs, such as programmable operator interfaces and control boxes used in hydrogen stations, we can recharge fuel cell cars with hydrogen and easily control our vehicles.



Thanks to its constantly improving environmental management system, IDEC’s Headquarters and Engineering Research Center has been certified as ISO 14001 compliant by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA).

This certification means that IDEC has conformed to specific requirements for the enhancement of environmental performance, adding further success to many of its achievements.



Making the world greener is one of the many goals of IDEC. It aspires to be a sustainable company, contributing to making global technology more efficient and eco-friendly through its projects.

In this sense, IDEC has always been committed to encouraging and promoting environmentally responsible behavior and designing sustainable and innovative products.

In business, sustainability is running an organization without harming the environment. Therefore, sustainable businesses operate on the notion that every technological advancement should be made with the interests of the local and global environments in mind by considering the impact such improvements may have on society. 

Businesses that develop excellent sustainability practices have the advantage of being much more resilient in the future regarding the constant evolution of technology, making them more attractive to customers and investors and, in turn, leading to higher traffic and increased revenue.

Similarly, IDEC continues and will continue to direct its choices in reducing and preventing potential environmental impacts that may arise during the start or toward the end of a given product’s life cycle in order to maintain its position as one of the top-tier businesses in sustainability.

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