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Shenzhen YuanRuiXin Electronics Co., Ltd is one of the earliest and most prominent companies to produce geared motors, based in Shenzhen, China. For more than one decade in the market, it proved outstanding professionalism and dedication to its customers and partners by offering high-quality products and services.

Shenzhen YuanRuiXin Electronics Co., Ltd is specialized in the design, manufacture, and marketing of more than 40 series of geared motors. In their product assortment, the company includes: DC brushless gear motor, micro DC gear motor, DC geared motor, DC coreless motor, planet motor, synchronous motor, etc.

Its achievements and dedication have recognized its largest production bases of top gear motors in China. In addition, the company passed the ISO9001:2000 in 2010 and the ISO9001:2008 for its quality management system in February 2015. As a result, Shenzhen YuanRuiXin Electronics Co., Ltd became a trustworthy brand supplier of top geared motors.

The company owns advanced production and testing equipment, and the production capacity is more than 15 million units annually of various types of motors. The motors they produce are widely used by distributors across multiple industries & appliances, including the automation industry, sanitation industry, home electronic appliances, healthcare appliances, medical appliances, agricultural appliances, vending machines, etc.

With the spirit of “supreme quality, innovation, integrity management, customer first,” Shenzhen YuanRuiXin Electronics Co., Ltd works with their customers and partners to do win-win business and joint development. Together with its distributors, the company takes care of customers’ needs and feedback and continuously improves the products’ quality and services.

All these achievements are not possible without a professional team, whose commitment makes whatever the company aims to achieve. Therefore, the company puts a great emphasis on its employees. For the company, it is crucial to create a harmonious working atmosphere and encourage them to come up with innovative ideas that will meet the needs of worldwide customers.



Below you can find the different product categories available at Shenzhen YuanRuiXin Electronics Co., Ltd. For more details about each product, please click on the links attached to each product:


  • Electronic locks for motor
  1. YGA12FN20P


  • Plastic tooth box
  1. YGA12F-DZ-1
  2. YMT01-130RA-4
  3. YMT01-130RA
  4. YMT08-130RA


  • Worm Gear
  1. YGF4040-528TK
  2. YGF4235-520TB
  3. YGF4235-3540SH


  • DC Geared Square
  1. YGF4227-R370SB
  2. YGF4337-F280C


  • Brushless DC Planetary
  1. YGA36X-555SH
  2. YGA36X-WS3525
  • DC Geared eccentric shaft
  1. YGB37R520TB
  2. YGB37R528TK
  3. YGB37R550SH
  4. YGB37R3530CK
  5. YGB37R3540SH


  • DC Geared Alien
  1. YGY5032-3525SH
  2. YGY5032-3530SH
  3. YGY6138-528TB
  4. YGY6138-520TB
  5. YGY6138-528TK


  • DC Geared center axis
  1. YGA25R310TA
  2. YGA25R310TA-Long axis
  3. YGA25R370CA
  4. YGA25R385SA
  5. YGA25RF280SK
  6. YGA28R385SA


  • Brushless DC
  1. YGB37RWS3525
  2. YGB37RWS3540



Since the main products of Shenzhen YuanRuiXin Electronics Co., Ltd. are geared motors, for your information, we wanted to show you what they are used for.

Electric Gear motors are utilized in applications that need high output torque and lower output shaft rotational speed, especially where available power and space are limited. It means that these products are used in a wide range of applications across multiple industries. From automotive wiper, window motors to hospital beds and patient lifts, automatic doors, to beverage mixers, gear motors are essential to the overall performance of equipment that we depend on every day.

Due to the widespread use of electric gear motors, exploring applications that DO NOT use them is good. Will not benefit from using a gear motor, any application that requires relatively low torque and high shaft speed. This includes most pump, fan, and scanning applications. In these cases, the motor’s shaft rotation speed is essential.

We can also mention that gear motors have a number of advantages over other types of motor/gear combinations. Most importantly, gear motors can simplify design and implementation by eliminating the step of separately designing and integrating the motors with the gears, thus reducing engineering costs.



For further information, orders, or inquiries on their products, you may contact us from any of the following channels: 

Tel: +356 7711 5063

Email: [email protected]

or you may also fill out the contact form found at our website:

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