iVANKY cables and electronic accessories

BD Electronics takes the next step in its development path as a certified European electronics components distributor by successfully allying with cables manufacturer iVANKY. This is the third cooperation the company has made despite Covid 19 on the electronics industry.

iVANKY is a customer-oriented company specializing in designing and providing users with high-quality electronic accessories at reasonable prices (like who doesn’t need a 3.5mm earphone jack?). Their current focus is on audio & video cables, aiming to deliver higher standard audio quality to the customer, such as the 3.5mm Aux Cable.

It is anticipated that, with the partnership being issued in August 2020, BD Electronics will provide excellence in both service and quality for clients when it comes to audio/video items, furtherly enhance its growing reputation as a reliable distributor for European Electronic Stores.

Being asked for opinions on this alliance, Stephanie Borg – European Product & Promotions Manager for BD – claimed: “The diversification of our product portfolio to include branded, DisplayPort to HDMI Cables, and 7-in-1 USB-C Hub docking stations is a natural step forward. Therefore, we are glad that we are authorized as a distributor for iVANKY, a renowned company for its top-notch quality in items and satisfaction in service. We hope to bring to our customers as much joy as possible during this Covid-19 pandemic time.”

To learn more on this topic or how to become an affiliated partner of BD Electronics, contact [email protected]

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