iVANKY Docking Stations –  An Ultimate Review

iVANKY Docking Stations –  An Ultimate Review

A well-known brand for high-quality and affordable electronic cables is impressively taking over Amazon’s category for electronic accessories. Along with LG, Lenovo, Dell, and Kensignton, iVANKY cables are competent enough to compete with these big brands.

iVANKY was established in 2016, at the same time as its corporation, which is SHENZHEN VELOCITY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. To know more details, check out this article about iVANKY and the corporation’s history

iVANKY authorized dealers are highly in demand not just for the brands’ cable but also due to another incredible electronic accessory innovation. We refer to the iVANKY docking station in three different varieties: Pro 12-in-2 Dual IVANKY USB-C Hub, iVANKY Ultra 15-in1 Thunderbolt 3, and Classic 12-in-2 Dual iVANKY USB-C Hub.

The abovementioned varieties of iVANKY docking stations are presented in more elaborative detail in the next section.


The Three Different iVANKY Docking Station Review

Before we begin the review, note that the products are listed in no particular ranking.  

1. Classic 12-in-2 Dual iVANKY USB-C Hub

This iVANKY docking station is dedicated explicitly to Apple’s most recent MacBooks. It is known as the Classic 12-in-2 Dual IVANKY Hub, which is the perfect plug-and-play dual USB-C. It removes the need for iVANKY drivers and the installation of specific software. 

If you are a loyal Apple user that is a neat freak and a heavy worker with tons of cable and wire connection requirements, this device is for you! 

Features of the iVANKY Classic 12-in-2 Docking Station 

  • It provides more than the lacking ports that Apple took away from you! It has 12 versatile ports, which gives a workstation that promotes productive multitasking. 
  • Battery duration is a common concern of MacBook users, especially for using accessories like docking stations. iVANKY has great news because its docking stations have an independent charging capability through their own PD. 

In addition, this docking station has an independent PD of 85W, perfect for efficiently charging both the 15” and 13” MBA. 


2. Pro 12-in-2 Dual iVANKY USB-C Hub

                           Image source: https://ivanky.com/products/ivanky-docking-station-pro

The second iVANKY docking station is an improved version of the Classic 12-in-2 iVANKY Hub, the Pro 12-in-2 USB-C. It turns your MacBook into a full-pledged PRO workstation even if you own the Air version. 

Features of the iVANKY Pro 12-in-2 Docking Station 

  • Easier cable management for any user by promoting a productive and clean workstation. In addition, it can save you from the distraction of disordered cable connections.

 Image source: https://ivanky.com/products/ivanky-docking-station-pro

Let’s move on to the promising internal functionalities of this device. 

  • The Pro 12-in-2 iVANKY docking station MAC can professionally trim, cut, and export any 4K video.  
  • In addition, to the Classic version’s independent PD charging capability, the Pro 12-in-2 docking station has an 18W PD port that charges an iPhone 12 faster than a 5V/1A charger. 

 Image source: https://ivanky.com/products/ivanky-docking-station-pro

  • Last but not least is the capability of reading two cards simultaneously. This feature is perfect for graphic makers such as photographers and videographers.


3. iVANKY Ultra 15-in-1 Thunderbolt 3

Image source: https://ivanky.com/products/ivanky-docking-station-pro-15-in-1-thunderbolt-3

Unlike the Pro and Classic 12-in-1 Dual USB-C Hubs specific for Apple MacBook users, this third docking station is for every laptop user. Regardless of its difference, this Ultra 15-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 still efficiently improves a user’s workstation. 

Considering today’s modern set-up of working from home, this iVANKY docking station has ULTRA features for innovation, creativity, and productivity.  

Features of the iVANKY Ultra 15-in-1 Thunderbolt 3

  • Wide Universal Compatibility of this docking station, including different operating systems: Windows 8, 10, & later and macOS Sierra 10.12 & later. However, it does not work with the new M1 Macbook (2020) because it only supports one external monitor.

Image source: https://ivanky.com/products/ivanky-docking-station-pro-15-in-1-thunderbolt-3

  • It has an incredibly short time for transferring files, so your creativity will never have to slow down.

Image source: https://ivanky.com/products/ivanky-docking-station-pro-15-in-1-thunderbolt-3


Comparing the Different iVANKY Docking Stations

As part of iVANKY’s mission of producing professional audio and video accessories, the company believes that customers must have adequate knowledge of the products they are interested in. 

Aside from the assistance provided by iVANKY authorized dealers, basic knowledge of the products will come in handy for customers to have a full experience of their designated features. 

With this regard, we created the table below to summarize our iVANKY docking station review earlier. It will assist you in comparing how different and similar they are to one another. Moreover, it will help you decide which one to purchase according to your needs & requirements. 


Docking Station ModelNumber of PortsIncluded PortsDual Monitor SetupSimultaneous Fast ChargePlug and PlayFast Data Transfer
Classic 12-in-2 Dual USB-C 12

2x HDMI 1.4

1x 18W PD USB-C

1x USB-C 3.0

2x USB-A 3.0

2x USB-A 2.0

1x SD (UHS-I)

1x microSD (UHS-I)

1x 3.5mm audio

1x Gigabut Ethernet



85W for MBP

18W for mobile device

Pro 12-in-2 Dual USB-C 12

2x HDMI 2.0

1x 18W PD USB-C

1x USB-C 3.0

4x USB-A 3.0

1x SD (UHS-I)

1x microSD (UHS-I)

1x 3.5mm audio

1x Gigabit Ethernet



96W for MBP

18W for mobile device

Ultra 15-in1 Thunderbolt 315

2x Thunderbolt 3

1x HDMI 2.0

1x 20W PD 3.0

1x USB-C 3.0

1x USB-C 3.1 Gen 2

1x USB-A 3.1 Gen 2

3x USB-A 3.1 Gen 1

1x SD 4.0 Card Reader

1x microSD Card Reader

1x RJ45 Ethernet

1x Digital Optical Audio

2x 3.5mm Audio (>= 32 ohms)



Where to get iVANKY Docking Station Online? 

Ordering at Amazon is often the answer for purchasing your iVANKY docking station online. However, despite the successful brand standing on the said platform, iVANKY opened opportunities for representatives worldwide.

iVANKY authorized dealers such as BD Electronics Ltd are a perfect alternative. This European electronic component distributor can provide the different iVANKY docking stations and the ideal customer service assistance. 

Wherever you are located globally, an authorized dealer will be able to assist you whether your iVANKY docking station is not working or needs troubleshooting. 

Aside from the array of iVANKY docking stations to choose from, you are free to select your dealer. BD Electronics Ltd. is just an option for you to consider, primarily if you reside in Europe and may need an immediate cable supply and assistance. 



You may reach out and contact BD Electronics through the following channels:

Email: [email protected]
Contact Form: https://bde-ltd.com/

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