Introduction to Jiangxi Weiqi Electronic Co., Ltd

Introduction to Jiangxi Weiqi Electronic Co., Ltd

About The Company

Jiangxi Weiqi Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional hi-tech manufacturer based in China. The company distributes a variety of Electromechanical relays, Auto relays, and Latching relays.

Their products include 4 sections, 40 series, and hundreds of types. The annual production output of 30 million pieces is to be used for smart building, automotive and EV control, industrial control, etc.

Jiangxi Weiqi Electrical Co., Ltd always keeps the spirit of “innovation first, keep moving.” Therefore, quality and R&D oriented is always their business policy to keep growing and develop the brand.

After decades of hard work, the company now enjoys rapid development by advanced relay design & manufacturing technology and continuous technology innovation.

Jianxi Weiqi’s quality system is ISO9001 certified. All products are compliant with RoHS regulations, and some are UL, TUV & CQC-approved. The company strives to be the optimum choice for the worldwide market with reliable quality, professional technical support, and superior “price vs. cost.”

As a certified distributor of WQE in Europe, BD Electronics will continuously cooperate to provide great services to our joint customers worldwide, with reliable quality, competitive price, on-time distribution, and professional after-sales service.



A relay works as an electrically operated switch to allow the internal operation of a switching mechanism. It is characterized by having open and closed circuits that control its contact with another circuit piece. There are two possible scenarios when a relay is working but is not energized, NO or normally open and NC or normally closed. Both applications promote the relay’s change of work state and convert small continuous electrical stimuli into larger currents.

As a professional manufacturer of this, WQE offers all sorts of its kind. There are three main varieties available, and are detailed as follows:

Electromechanical – A switch that is used by electrical machines to control high-power electrical devices.

Automotive – This is a common type of electromechanical relay present in all vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and vans.

Latching – A two-position electrically-actuated switch to ‘set’ and ‘reset’ the relay. The latching relay is preferred when there is a need to control large currents with smaller ones.

You can alternatively search for WQE products in one of its global distributors with similar great quality.

WQE manages to produce multiple relays for different industries; it has dedicated sections and series that will help present all of its products to the market. The main product categories distributed are Communication Reed Relays, Power Relays, Automotive Relays, Magnetic Latching Relays, Manganin Diverter, and Current Transformer. (You may check each category for more details on their pieces)


How To Test A Relay?

Testing a relay is a simple process, and since there are many types of relays, we will show you our general ideas of how you can execute the process of testing a relay.

So, let’s get started!

1)  Measuring contact resistance

You can apply the specified working voltage to the relay coil; by using a multi-meter, you can detect the on-off condition of the contact at the “R×1k” gear. If the power is not applied, the normally open contact does not work, and the normally closed contact conducts. On the other hand, when the power is turned on, you should hear the pick-up sound of the relay.

2)  Measuring coil resistance

The resistance value of the relay coil can be measured with the multi-meter at R×10Ω gear to determine whether the coil is open.

3)  Measuring of pull-in voltage and current

You can use an adjustable regulated power supply to input a voltage set to the relay and connect an ammeter in the power supply circuit to monitor. Then, slowly increase the power supply voltage, and when you hear the pull-in sound of the relay, write down the voltage and current. By trying several times, you can get the average value.


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