LIGHTHOUSE®| Electronics Enters the Lighting Industry

LIGHTHOUSE®| Electronics Enters the Lighting Industry


LIGHTHOUSE® is a Middle Eastern-based company in Egypt that offers the finest variety of modern, traditional, and contemporary lightings. LIGHTHOUSE® lighting products are starting to be available in other regions from its authorized distributors across the globe. These products include but are not limited to chandelier lights, LED lighting units, indoor & outdoor wall sconces, and table & floor lamps.

Every unit of the company contributes to its success by putting passion and collaboration into its work. It never settles for less which emanates on its end products, creating   extraordinary  modern and contemporary  lights that consumers admire. LIGHTHOUSE®  is dedicated to keeping up with current trends while still providing world-class lightings.

The company sees itself leading the lighting industry’s future as it uses advanced and professional pieces, services, and procedures. In addition, it has been establishing its identity as a lighting company that industries and even individual consumers can trust and  rely  on. LIGHTHOUSE®  is  firm on being ahead through continuous product innovations and developments it has in store for the market.


LIGHTHOUSE® Flagship Brands

In 2020, the company launched three flagship brands which are now well-established in the Middle-East region. These brands are also being offered by LIGHTHOUSE® distributors worldwide. They have a broad range of very curated lighting pieces focused on specific market needs.

Each flagship is listed below with its corresponding details:

First is SPARK, which has 2 main lighting categories specifically for indoor and outdoor uses. It has more product diversities and you can see all of them here.


Second is SPEED, an exclusive brand for different kinds of light bulbs may it be LED, Halogen, or Incandescent.



Last but not least has more dedicated indoor product varieties. LIGHTHOUSE® is very proud of this brand as it specializes in decorative modern and contemporary lighting.


Rays products are divided into four classifications: (1) Chandelier, (2) Floor Lamp, (3) Table Lamp, and (4) Wall Sconce. From these, it came up with 8 different lighting collections namely: Castalily, Treisa, O-Line, Toscano, Lineal, Luchi, Pear, and an exclusive one for Table Lamp. You may find the full details of each collection and product here.




There are more beyond LIGHTHOUSE® products, and these are services designed to assist its consumers from choosing to purchasing. This is an edge that LIGHTHOUSE distributors have from which the company claims that “No competitor can match”. Their clients are not only after the products but also the experience provided throughout the purchasing process. In addition, it encourages them to satisfy their aspirations for a lighting design. Through LIGHTHOUSE® exclusive selections, consulting services, and assistance, everything is possible.

As follows are brief descriptions of the services provided:

  • Consultancy – Covers the start until the end of the process to help consumers choose based on their needs, budget, and goals.


  • Research & Development – One of the finest laboratories for development equipped with qualified engineers. R&D is the backbone of not just new ideas but also possible modifications on existing products and systems.


  • Design – A department that works with the R&D team and conducts compelling modern and contemporary lighting product designs.


  • Manufacturing – The unit focused on producing quality at all times. May it be light bulbs or chandelier lights, no LIGHTHOUSE product is outsourced.


  • Quality Control – It is very important that consumers receive their product free from defects by having a meticulous QC team. Inspection begins from the devices and methods used up until the final product.


  • Project Management – As an industry leader, LIGHTHOUSE® makes sure that every project is taken well care of. Inlined with its passion for delivering world-class lighting pieces, the team is made to provide exceptional service without any delays.


  • Technical Support – The company establishes long-term consumer relationships and so it designed a dedicated service support. This includes installation and technical assistance for the products purchased by the consumer.


For further information, orders, or inquiries on their products, you may contact BD Electronics as we are a certified LIGHTHOUSE® distributor in Europe.

We are available from any of the following channels:

Tel: +356 7711 5063

Email: [email protected]

or you may also fill out the contact form found at our website:

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