LIGITEK has been producing extraordinary LED optoelectronic semiconductors since 1989. It has also been utilizing the information database of the global industry for designing high-quality LIGITEK LED Displays. 

We know that options are not always good, especially for the indecisive ones. For some, choices are a sign of abundance in terms of having lesser limitations, but others instead feel overwhelmed. 

Regardless of how you recognize yourself, we will guide you toward a better understanding of the LIGITEK products. It is better that you are not just aware of what you need but also have adequate knowledge of the products being offered to you. 

Let us consider that LIGITEK is just one of the many exceptional brands in the market. Yet, despite its specialties in LED production, the company never remains complacent and continues to innovate.  

In this article, the product variations of this remarkable electronic brand will all be covered. All of which are easily made available internationally by LIGITEK Electronics distributors. 

Now without further ado, let us begin by enumerating the product categories followed by their respective variations.  

LIGITEK Product Categories

A total of thirteen main categories are listed below, and we will be explaining their general functions. In addition, a list of their subcategories is also available. 

Through Hole LED

A very versatile type of LED that is offered in 9 different options, including the size variations (see list below). 

Through-Hole LED, from the name itself, is used in a way that the component is inserted into the printed circuit board(PCB) holes

Either manual or automated soldering assembly then follows the process.

Classification of Through-Hole LEDs


Let us first define the acronym SMD, which stands for Surface-Mount Device. It is an electronic device whose components are directly mounted onto the surface of a PCB

The term is often confused with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) which is related but refers to the method performed by an SMD. 

This PCB model varies in color which may be Single, Dual, and Multi on top of the following


Now, what is a PLCC? This term stands for Plastic Leaded chip Carrier. 

A kind of SMD allows the mounting and soldering of Integrated Circuits (ICs) directly to the PCB or within its socket. 

LIGITEK has nine kinds of PLCC SMDs that are categorized
into two:

Leads Type SMD 


Another specific kind of SMD is in addition to the second LIGITEK product category

The lead SMD of this brand is only offered in one model, which is 9033 (refer to image). 


Invisible LED

For this category, we will be defining per variation. Unlike the previous, differences among these Invisible LEDs are not exclusive to the physical characteristics. 

A LIGITEK emitter includes SMD, PLCC, High Power, and Through-Hole LEDs.

Regarding its external features, the short lead or flat side collects the light while the long lead emits the electric current. 

It is offered in three models: 3mm, 5mm, and 9033.

A diode is a semiconductor that allows and needs current to flow through them before successfully emitting light. From this, we can immediately see how similar and, at the same time, different it is from a phototransistor. 

In addition, it is also available in the same model variations, which are 3mm, 5mm, and 9033.

Automotive LED

As the name denotes, these are LEDs used by vehicles, specifically cars. In 1984, the Chevy Corvette was the first to incorporate LED as an automotive part.  

The different advantages of LED were found to naturally fit brake lights as they illuminate 0.2 seconds faster than incandescent bulbs. 

The following are the different LIGITEK Automotive LEDs:

Ambient Light Sensor

This would be the most exciting category because an Ambient Light Sensor is used on our daily electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and LCD televisions. 

On the other hand, the variations are pretty complex, even if it is the most interesting. Hence, we present them in a table also available on the LIGITEK website. 

Smart LED

On top of the Ambient Light Sensors, the Smart LED is also a modern innovation in two types, the PCB and the PLCC

Nowadays, electronics are taking over the future, and automation has become a trend. This aspect forces businesses to rethink their goals as the market quickly adapts and is immediately attracted to this “smart invention.” 


A LED array refers to assembling LED components or semiconductor chips on a PCB
substrate. A substrate is a PCB part that holds the electronic parts and traces. 

This may also be called a LED module that usually comes in ceramic or plastic material. 

Aside from the material used that create model variations are the following ranges of LED 


SMD Type Display

We have encountered SMDs, and some of its type in the previous LIGITEK LED Display 

categories. However, this specific one is an already-made product formed using any SMD. 

Refer to the images below to see the four different SMD LED Displays that also come in sizes 

of 0.2”, 0.28”, 0.39”, and 0.56”. 

LED Display

These are pretty similar to SMD displays, however, LED Displays only use 3 or 4 high-powered 

chips to produce a focused beam of light. The range of light is usually around 25 to 40 degrees 


On the other hand, SMD displays are a combination of at least 20 small LED chips per bulb. 

The following are the different LED Display variations:

DOT Matrix 

Referred to as a particular category of LIGITEK LED displays which may also be found in LCD and OLED products. 

It shows characters, graphics, or numbers by lighting up the different display pixels. A LIGITEK DOT Matrix comes in 4 variations: 4×4, 5×7, 5×8, and 8×8.

LED Backlight

A liquid-crystal display where traditional cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlight is replaced 

            by LEDs. 

The most common and modern application of this is the widely known LED Televisions, a combination of LED backlight and LCD panels. 

Applications of LIGITEK Products

We have finally discussed all the LIGITEK LED Displays categories. Now it’s time to get to know how they can be used and applied by going through the list below:



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