Aside from electronics, lighting is another sector essential to every aspect of our lives. However, if we think of it, neither of these two sectors is better than the other. It is because both of these industries support one another’s business activities. For example, most electronic devices have light as one of their components. But, on the other hand, some lighting equipment would need electricity to function. 


Manufacturers are creating several variations, and inventions like LIGITEK LED Displays to keep up with market trends. Some of which are produced to make the lighting industry always fresh, new, and attractive. Additional examples of trending inventions are solar panel lighting, led display screen panels on televisions, and led lights for rooms. 


Regardless of whether a person is a lighting expert, the products being produced are not complicated to use. However, the existing lighting variations can either confuse a consumer or have the wrong knowledge leading to uncertainties & potential risks. 


To avoid the scenarios mentioned above, we have created this article to answer some of the most common questions about LED displays and lights. 

What are the Advantages of LED lights?

Let us quickly recall the benefits of LEDs as to why they have been created. The list below also includes answers to questions about LED lights, and LIGITEK LED displays. 

Long Lifespan

One of the top questions includes “what is the lifespan of LED lights?” and the first advantage is an immediate response. It is compared with a traditional incandescent bulb that only lasts for 1,000 hours with respect to a minimum of 50,000 hours for LED lights. In easier terms, it can be translated to approximately six years, 40 times longer than an incandescent bulb. 


If you consider other light types like fluorescent, sodium vapor, and metal halide, note that LEDs still last two to four times longers. 

Energy Efficiency

Lumens, which describe the amount of light emitted per watt, measure a light’s energy efficiency. More useful lumens are produced with LEDs, resulting in 60% – 90% improvement, depending on the type of light you replaced and the type of LED you use. 


This second advantage also contributes to financial savings in correlation to a longer lifespan. It makes LED lights an excellent investment for business and home usage. 

Environmental Sustainability

LED lights like those used on LIGITEK LED Displays do not have a niche target market but, their ability to contribute to sustaining the environment makes them attractive to customers.


An eco-friendly option is becoming a high consideration for society, especially today, as the world recovers and resets. 


End customers are not the only ones who benefit but also manufacturers concerned about the transportation handling of LEDs. Unlike traditional lighting, LEDs do not anymore use mercury therefore, they are not as fragile and do not need special handling.


Survival in a Cold Atmosphere

The cold temperature kills traditional lighting, which is an advantage that LED lights to possess. In addition, LEDs perform better in such an atmosphere, explaining why they are suitable for kitchen equipment like refrigerators and freezers. 

Do Not Produce Heat or UV Emissions


If you remember replacing a busted incandescent bulb, there may be an instance when you needed to cool it down first. The reason is that 10% of its energy was used for lighting, and the rest was allocated for producing heat. 


This is closely impossible to happen with LED lights, making them a top choice for works of art like paintings.

Design Flexibility


The small size of a LED is what makes it mighty. Aside from producing less to no heat, it is versatile to fit any application regardless of the size and space requirements. 


The flashing LED light on a Christmas decoration and LED lights for room that can be placed on the corners of the ceiling are just a few samples of applications. There are certainly more; some may have not yet been discovered, which is beautiful about LEDs.  

Frequent Switching Endurance & Instant Lighting 

Immediate reaction and instant usage are excellent pair-solution for today’s impatient world. Compared to traditional lighting, you will not be encountering a flashing led light the moment it is turned on. This is a familiar concept for a fluorescent bulb that flickers first to warm up and produce light. 


On the other hand, a LED’s switching endurance is far way better when we speak about its lifespan. Unfortunately, other bulbs lose a part of their life, and their efficiency also suffers every time they are switched on and off. 



Low Voltage Operation


The electronic industry is a dangerous world due to high voltages. Without the proper knowledge, they can impose a life threat leading to unfortunate events. In spite of this ugly truth, the industry continues to produce less harmful pieces, like LED lights. 


LEDs are characterized to have a very low voltage making them less harmful. Human encounters in risky situations like floods, are better with a light that produces 12 volts than one that has 120 volts. 


Diming Capability

Another widely asked question is “Are LED lights dimmable?” and it is a big YES!  


LEDs consistently perform best at any percentage, from a low 5% to the highest 100%. So if your concern is prolonging its lifespan, you can use it at its lowest energy. However, it is not a big deal knowing that LEDs last longer before busting out compared to traditional lights. 

  • 180° Light Provision Coverage


A lesser light coverage may be deemed a disadvantage, but this attribute of LEDs correlates with their longer lifespan and efficiency


Most lighting technology gives off a full 360° light coverage. However, it is not an advantage as this coverage includes areas where light is not needed. It then does not make them environmentally sustainable compared to LED lights because energy & lifespan are simultaneously put to waste. 



Will LED lights damage your eyes?


One of the many reasons LED lights have been invented is their claimed well-being benefits that resulted in the sudden surge of LED display screen panels. In addition, energy efficiency & cost-effectiveness are the features that made this type of light very famous, especially among teenagers who initiated the led lights for room trend. 


These LED light characteristics have been beneficial to the environment since 1962 and inspire the production of remarkable pieces like the LIGITEK LED displays. However, as LED light demand raged, medical experts discovered potential health risks. 


We are all aware of the high-energy blue light and short waves that our gadgets emit, and if you are experiencing poor quality of sleep, these may be the cause. 


Nowadays, electronics have become a societal need, making them more addictive, which increases one’s exposure to them. Therefore, as much as our health is concerned, we must take extra care and be more responsible when using our gadgets. The saying “anything excessive is bad” greatly applies to this practice, where the opposing disadvantages arise when the LED light benefits are taken advantage of. 


According to a 2012 Spanish study, the eyes have a high probability of suffering irreversible damage to the retinas, a part of the eye that is highly affected by the LED light. The light a retina receives is turned into impulses, allowing a clear vision of the image through a device’s screen. Hence, it is why a person’s health vision continues to worsen once damaged. 

Where to Get LIGITEK LED Displays and Lights?

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