3G Shielding Specialties

3G Shielding Specialties is a manufacturer that leading electronic companies rely on. It has been known for its specialization in shielding since 1994. 3G is based in the United States and registered under the US Department of Defense to support ITAR controlled applications. 


The company is proud to have multiple 3G Shielding distributor who offer advanced electronic applications of its shielding solutions from application-specific board shielding, enclosure shielding, microwave absorbers, and thermal solutions. In addition, through years of existence in the industry, 3G offers more beyond its primary products, and these are additional solutions for metalwork, conductive elements, and the preceding products above. 


3G considers its business activities service-oriented by reinforcing utmost client support practices. It is committed to delivering quality & responsiveness at all times and is believed to be one of 3G’s foundations of success. In relation are additional services that assist in the production of 3G pieces according to its values and standards:


  • Application Engineering and Design Services


Facilitated by industry expert engineers, 3G can work closely with its clients and contribute more satisfaction due to personalized experiences. This promotes efficient business activities as clients are involved in everything from conceptualizing to finalizing product solutions.


  • Short Lead Times/ Stocking Program


3G established its core, including having reliable partnerships, especially with its product parts suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. It also has stocking programs to conduct large-volume production according to client needs. 


  • Prototypes to High Volume Production


As a service-oriented company, 3G also offers a manufacturing system that is flexible enough to reduce investment costs may it be in capital tooling or sunk cost risks. This edge allows the company to provide satisfactory shielding and sealing solutions that are personalized and delivered on time without cost risks. 


3G Shielding Distributor


3G continues to extend its shielding specialty solutions by making them available worldwide through a 3G Shielding Distributor. In addition, its doors are open for business partners who will assist in reaching more clients to experience the satisfaction that 3G shielding and sealing solutions are capable of.


You may contact BD Electronics today, a 3G Shielding distributor for more information and assistance on 3G’s shielding products and solutions. 

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