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The Jauch Group is one of the top experts in quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, and battery technology. It was founded in 1954 and is currently one of the top businesses in the frequency control products sector, as well as a renowned authority on the future of the lithium-ion and Lithium polymer battery markets. Jauch products work dependably in applications, ranging from Frequency Control solutions for standard applications to very durable, shock-resistant components. In addition, individual battery packs for various applications are produced on a modern battery assembly line designed for battery solutions with high technical requirements.


With in-depth technical consulting, high application and certification knowledge, advanced test facilities, high availability, quick product delivery, and one of the largest warehouses in the world for frequency-generating equipment, Jauch emphasizes their claim to leadership.


Jauch Quartz Products & Technologies


Among the high-end products supplied by Jauch Quartz are frequency control products, battery components, sensors, and transducers.


The company’s product line is listed below;


Frequency Control Products

  • Quartz and Crystals
  • Oscillators

Battery Technology

  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Lithium Polymer Batterıes
  • Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries
  • Lithium Button Cells
  • Lithium Batteries Cylindrical
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
  • NIMH Batteries
  • Battery Holders
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Watch Batteries

Sensors, Transducers


Jauch Quartz Product Applications

Customers can use Jauch Quartz’s top-notch goods in a range of applications, such as:


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automation
  • Medical devices
  • Security Technology
  • Power Tools
  • Transport and Traffic
  • Measurement Technology

Jauch Quartz Distributors


Frequency control equipment, battery parts, sensors, and transducers are a few of the top exports made by Jauch Quartz to other countries. Additionally, distributor BD Electronics offers the best-priced Jauch Quartz equipment at a high level of quality.


An international distributor of difficult-to-find goods and obsolete electrical parts is BD Electronics. You can submit a part request to find electronic components, and we will give you the option to specify a price range.



FAQ About Jauch Quartz

Q1: What are oscillators used for?

A: Oscillators are crucial in creating periodic electrical signals, most frequently sine or square waves. Oscillators transform DC signals into periodic AC signals that can be used as a clock, an audio signal, or to set frequency. 3


Q2: What is the principle of an oscillator?

A: The primary operating mechanism of all electronic oscillators is the same: an oscillator always uses a sensitive amplifier whose output is sent back into the input in phase. The signal thus changes and maintains itself. This is connected to favorable comments.


Q3: What is an example of an oscillator?

A: The movements of a simple pendulum in a clock and the tides in the sea are the two most typical instances of oscillation. The motion of a spring is another illustration of oscillation. Oscillations can also be seen in guitar strings and other stringed instruments vibrating.


Q4: Where to order Jauch Quartz oscillators online?

A: At BD Electronics, you may choose from various Jauch Quartz oscillator designs. You can find the parts you need by visiting the BD Electronics website and searching the product category.

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