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The global network of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. includes Samsung Semiconductor Europe, which serves markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with product solutions utilizing market-leading technologies in memory, system LSI, foundry, LED, and display.

For various applications, such as servers, big data, AI/HPC, PC, IoT, 5G, automotive, and much more, Samsung’s cutting-edge memory products produce market-leading products in DRAM and Flash technologies. Furthermore, using channel hole etching for V-NAND and TSV packaging, two of Samsung’s exclusive technologies, enables their customers to achieve unprecedented performance with more effective power use while overcoming industry obstacles.



Samsung Semiconductor Products & Technologies


Customers can choose from various high-quality goods from Samsung Semiconductor, including processors, DRAM, SSDs, image sensors, storage, and e-storage.



The company offers products in the following categories;



  • DDR
  • HBM
  • GDDR
  • Module


  • SSD
  • PC SSD
  • Datacenter SSD
  • Enterprise SSD
  • Z-SSD
  • SmartSSD


  • eStorage
  • UFS
  • eMMC


Consumer Storage

  • Gaming Storage
  • Internal SSD
  • Portable SSD
  • Datacenter SSD
  • Memory Card
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Support


  • Mobile Processor
  • Automotive Processor
  • Wearable Processor
  • Modem
  • RF
  • Showcase

Image Sensor

  • Image Sensor
  • Mobile Image Sensor
  • Automotive Image Sensor
  • ToF Sensor
  • Experience

Display IC

  • Mobile DDI
  • Panel DDI

Security Solution

  • Payment
  • Biometric Card
  • NFC
  • eSE/eSIM
  • IoT SE

Power IC

  • Mobile Power IC
  • Accessory Power IC



Samsung Semiconductor Product Applications

Samsung Semiconductor products offer a variety of applications across many industries:


  • Smartphone
  • Server & Network
  • PC
  • TV & Gaming
  • Automotive


Samsung Semiconductor Distributors

Authorized distributors worldwide sell Samsung Semiconductor products such as DRAMs, SSDs, storage items, processors, and image sensors. In addition, an authorized distributor, BD Electronics, is dedicated to giving consumers worldwide the most excellent deals on high-quality Samsung Semiconductor products and services.


BD Electronics, an international distributor of obsolete electrical parts, specializes in locating difficult-to-find parts. When browsing for electronic components, you can specify your part demands and the price range.

FAQ About Samsung Semiconductor

Q1: Does Samsung produce semiconductors?

A: The leading provider of semiconductor technology in the world, Samsung Electronics, has announced that beginning production of its 3-nanometer (nm) process node using the Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor architecture has begun.


Q2: Does Samsung make semiconductor chips?

A: After mass production of 3-nanometer semiconductors this year, Samsung said it will start producing chips with a 2-nanometer process in 2025 and a 1.4-nanometer process in 2027. As Samsung tries to overtake market leader TSMC, they would be some of the most efficient semiconductors ever created.


Q3: Where is Samsung Semiconductors?

A: Tainan, a city in southern Taiwan, is where its main manufacturing facility is located. Samsung is eager to overtake TSMC in the market for foundry chips, which creates customized chips for customers.


Q4: Where to order Samsung Semiconductors DRAM online?

A: At BD Electronics, a range of DRAMs are available. You only need to visit the BD Electronics website and explore the product category section to find the necessary components.


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