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About Adam Equipment

Adam Equipment is a provider of quality weighing scales and measuring equipment founded in 1972. The company’s head office is in the United Kingdom and its research and development facility. It offers affordable products and services of excellent quality that give a superior value to its customers. Today, the company continues to grow its market share with the help of its loyal dealers’ support. 


Adam has facilities in different parts of the world, one of its distribution channels strategic goals. They are located in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and Australia to have a wide global market reach. Different departments are found on these facilities to assist its customers, whether in sales and marketing, warehouse, or technical needs. In addition, Adam’s quality weighing scales and measuring equipment undergo international manufacturing standards and regulations, considering that it possesses ISO 9001 manufacturer certification.


Adam Equipment can be characterized as very diverse given its location, product offers, and industries it caters to. Scientific, educational, manufacturing, and industrial are just some to mention. Many customers trust and rely on the company to supply results that are always consistent and accurate. 


Listed below are the new products of Adam Equipment:

  • Aqua Washdown Scales
  • BCT Advanced Label Printing Scales
  • BKT Label Printing Scales
  • CBX Compact Balances
  • Gladiator Washdown Scales
  • Luna Analytical Balances
  • Luna Precision Balances
  • PTT Pallet Truck Scale

Aside from the aforementioned products, other equipment’s are still on sale in different channels, such as its e-commerce and diversified network of international distributors. All are capable of delivering Adam’s scales and balances and sales and technical services whenever needed. 


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