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Advanced Micro Lites, Inc.

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About Advanced Micro Lites, Inc.

Advanced Micro Lites, Inc. (AML) has been a well-known brand in the lamp industry for more than seventy years, based in Keystone Industrial Park in Elburn, IL. Its staff strives to provide its partners with personalized service, quality products and information, and timely deliveries.

In addition to its Elburn office, the company has distributors across the United States and Canada to assist its partners with whatever lamp needs. The company’s policy is to develop, produce, and deliver on-time, quality products to its partners.

Advanced Micro Lites, Inc. supplies lamps to the following:

  • Ford Motor Company sub-contractors who require “Zero-Defects.” The company supplies the lamps for the keyless entry.
  • Hughes Aircraft sub-contractors – providing a “specialized” T-7/8 for panel boards.
  • Wing-Tip and Reflector lamps that are used in commercial aircraft according to MS #’s.
  • Various contracts with Defense General Supply Center (Cage No. ORAS6).
  • Medical Field – AML supplies a specialized T-1 lens end used to measure CO2 in respirators.
  • Auto lamps, such as 1683, 1251, and 623 to sub-contractors for Army Jeeps

Below you can find more details about the assortment of products offered by Advanced Micro Lites, Inc.

  1. LEDs
  • Ultra-Bright LED lighting
  • Energy Star LEDs
  • Hi-Power LEDs
  • Piranha Super Flux LEDs
  • Surface Mount LEDs

     2. Incandescent 

From the sub-miniature size T-3/4 lamps to the more significant type of S-11, Advanced Micro Lites carries the full line of standard inventory for immediate shipment.

       3. Based LEDs

The company provides a variety of LED lighting included in this category; see more here.

  1. Military Standard Lites
  2. FAA Design Approved

If the Advanced Micro Lites’ clients’ requirements are for an entirely new lamp design, they can rely on AML to develop and deliver the desired item.

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