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Advanced Photonix is a leading manufacturer of fully optimized optoelectronic solutions and Terahertz sensors and instrumentation to a global OEM customer base.

The company provides excellent engineering solutions with efficient manufacturing to fulfill high-volume production requirements. For more than 30 years of combined experience in the field of optoelectronics and two world-class manufacturing sites in India and Malaysia, Advanced Photonix promised its partners excellence in service and consistent quality by identifying electronic components and other solutions they need. 

It is essential to mention that Advanced Photonix is a well-known brand for:

  • Commercial and Military Standard;
  • X-ray products (CT scanner, Security System, Industrial Inspection Apparatus);
  • Opto Assembly (Optical switches, LED’s, cable assemblies);
  • Medical products (medical probes and analyzers);
  • Telecom and Data-com applications (SONET/SDH application and fiber-coupled assemblies);
  • PCB Assembly, Sub-System Assembly, Full system assembly (Box-Build).

The company can create efficient, elegantly packaged modules that fully meet its partners’ identifying electronic components and requirements. Its design team has years of experience in establishing optimized system solutions for industrial, medical, and military applications.


There are three main product categories that the company is focused on:

  • Detectors

Advanced Photonix manufactures photodiodes and photocells using many materials, including Si, InGaAs, extended InGaAs, and CdS.


  • Emitters

Advanced Photonix high-quality LED™s and LED-based illumination systems are ideal for many applications. Output, reliability, and wavelength optimization are essential elements of Advanced Photonix LED illumination technology. 


  • Optocouplers

Advanced Photonix optocouplers are ideally suited for high-performance audio circuits. Most designs have demonstrated proven performance benefits over silicon-based audio control devices such as VCAs and FETs.

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