Aearo Technologies, LLC – a 3M Company Electronic Components Distributor

Aearo Technologies, LLC – a 3M Company

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About Aearo Technologies, LLC – a 3M Company

Aearo Technologies LLC is under Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company or widely known today as 3M. At present, it is headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind.

For more than 40 years, Aearo has been leading in energy-control technology. It pioneered new treatment techniques and developed exclusive, high-performance materials controlling unwanted energy such as noise, vibration, shock, ergonomic, and thermal control. It has different brand names, including E-A-R, Peltor, and SafeWaze, all well-recognized globally. 

Aearo Technologies’ customers benefit from the real-world application experiences the company has gained over the past four decades. Different fields like aerospace, commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, and electronics. It manufactures and sells various products, such as hearing protection devices, non-prescription and prescription devices, communication headsets, hard hats, and more! Aearo Technologies Respirators is one of its most notable contributions to 3M, adding more value to the existing full product line. 

Aearo has always complied with all quality, environmental, safety, and regulatory expectations. It has provided a chart that customers may refer to as they seek assurance that the said expectations are being applied and performed. In addition, Aearo’s facilities have 3rd party certifications for the product and services each provides. This way, customers are complacent about purchasing Aearo product pieces even from authorized international distributors.

As mentioned, below is a chart containing Aearo’s current certifications from some of the top leading organizations for standardization:

                        Image Source:

This leading technology company built its way to becoming a trustworthy organization with the help of its founding company, 3M. In addition, Aearo Technologies Respirators and its ability to provide multiple solutions for society’s well-being helped build the brand name’s credibility. There are more beyond all their product, services, and certifications, which Aearo’s authorized international distributors may assist you with regardless of your location.  

Aearo Technologies, LLC – a 3M company Products & Technologies

Aearo Technologies, LLC – a 3M company has several in-demand products:

  • Electric vehicle battery pads
  • Infotainment display protection
  • Data Newsletter Graphic GreenCenter acoustic absorbers
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Screw Grommets
  • Foam
  • Board Spacers
  • Standoffs
  • Fans
  • Thermal Management

Aearo Technologies, LLC – a 3M company Product Applications

Aearo Technologies, LLC – a 3M company products utilized in a wide array of applications, including:

  • Recreational Vehicle Solutions
  • Medical Device Solutions
  • Construction and Agriculture Construction EquipmentEquipment
  • Marine Solutions

Aearo Technologies, LLC – a 3M Company Distributors

BD Electronics, a leading Aearo Technologies llc-a 3m company distributors has partnered with the top acoustic product manufacturer. Thanks to our secure and fast supply chain, we ship Aearo Technologies products worldwide without delay. Our clients only get original and branded products irrespective of their requirements. BD Electronics started as an electronic component distributor; today, we have partnered with hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. Contact us for any hard-to-find and obsolete electronic component requirement in your production line!

FAQ About Aearo Technologies, LLC – a 3M Company

Q1: Where are Aearo Technologies LLC’s headquarters?

A: Aearo Technologies’ headquarters are at 7911 Zionsville Rd, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46268, United States

Q2: What is Aearo Technologies’ phone number?

A: Aearo Technologies’ phone number is 877-327-4332.

Q3: What is Aearo Technologies’ official website?

A: Aearo Technologies’ official website is

Q4: Where to order Aearo Technologies, LLC – a 3M company products online?

A: Are you looking to buy Aearo Technologies, LLC – a 3M company’s products? Visit BD Elelctronics’ website by clicking here and filling out this simple form to get a free quote for parts and component requirements.



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