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About Agile Focus Designs

Agile Focus Designs was founded by Sarah Lukes last 2015, the same year that she earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Montana State University.

She has a vast array of work backgrounds, including orthopedics or radiology, cryogenics, and cardiovascular stents at the Mayo Clinic, S2 Corporation, and Boston Scientific, respectively. The business structure of Agile was inspired by forging connections for the advancement of science, healthcare, and miniature imaging. 

Agile Focus Designs provides microscopists through its authorized distributors with accurate, elegant, and user-friendly tools in different sectors of manufacturing, science, and healthcare.

It aims to support every researcher with the capability to capture dynamic events and increase outputs by providing 100 times faster focusing and zooming than conventional technology for wide-field and multiphoton microscopes.

Agile’s team thrives at the intersection of multiple disciplines with over 25 years of experience in optical micro-electro-mechanical systems and miniature imaging design.

The company uses its technology known as the PoweRave™, to uniquely offer focus and zoom technology solutions without any traditional mechanical movement. Agile Design Focus addresses two conventional mechanical movements for devices focus and zoom.

First is the Traditional Focusing Technology. A practice of using rings and knobs to perform the said movement, which results in unwanted subject glares and complexities.

In response, Agile introduces Flexible Focusing by using active optics that remain stationary while performing mechanical actions. Second is the Traditional Zoom Technology, where cameras and microscopes require a combination of manual lens rotation.

It results in several issues such as loss of sight with the subject, unique sample destruction, significant loss of time, and dirty objective lenses. With regards to this, Agile uses micromirrors, which also solves traditional focusing.

In addition, they effectively digitize both focus and zoom by controlling without any complicated algorithms.  

Agile Focus Designs uses techniques that produce great focus and zoom technology solutions. Its products are designed and made available through different authorized distributors to immediately provide for their customers regardless of their location and sector.        

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