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About American Zettler

American Zettler is a Zettler Group North America division, American Zettler Inc., offering a broad product range of electromechanical relays. It has comprehensive service and product offers, including application engineering, distribution, sales, and customer service to meet the requirements of commercial and industrial sectors. The company is in Southern California alongside its engineering, sales, and regional sales representatives. In addition, Zettler’s regional and national distributors support its comprehensive market network. 

Electromechanical relays of American Zettler are designed in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, including in-house testing laboratories, automated production lines, and research & development. These are then spread in different countries by Zettler’s national and regional distributors. The industries it caters to include: Home Appliances, Test and Measurement devices, HVAC/R, Lighting, Solar, Electric Vehicle charging, Metering, Automotive, Industrial Controls, Telecommunication/Security systems, and many other types of equipment.

Strict quality controls along with significant safety certifications & environmental compliances are followed. These makeup for American Zettler’s trustable electromechanical relays for any applications. Over forty different types have already been created, and over one million relays are in-stock to meet off-shelf demand. In addition, the company works closely with a computerized distribution network for virtual facilities stocking every central industrial area in the world.

Its highly respected production capability is a unique blend of skilled craftsmen with assembly equipment & techniques that result in a new product reliability standard. Zettler also developed the most sophisticated quality assurance program or the SPC-Statistical Processes Control to satisfy the customers without fail. All these, together with other advanced techniques, every Zettler electromechanical relay is monitored and tested before shipment. As the company is rigorous in following this quality assurance program, many leading high-tech companies rely on it.

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